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Made In England
No Need to Lie
by Keith Jenkins
, like many millions of people,
have absolutely revelled in
the events of the past few
months; this Summer of Sport
that I doubt we will see the
like of again. After the elation
and unbridled passion of the
Olympics, how was it going to be
possible for the Paralympics to come
close to that, let alone better it? But it
did, in huge, Kleenex-snuffling bucket
loads, and made us feel both proud
and humble in the same moment. I
have no idea how many athletes were
involved over the two events – around
15,000 maybe – but as far as I’m
aware there were fewer cases of
drugs cheating than in any previous
Olympics. It is a human condition,
unfortunately, to find an easier,
quicker yet possibly illegal way to
achieve something, whether it be to
jump further, run faster, earn more
money or gain fame through erroneous means. This last has been levelled at angling and anglers for centuries, with ‘the one that got away’
being the usual jibe when we try to
explain, well, the one that got away.
But it seems that the need for fame
and, possibly, fortune has now meant
that the one didn’t get away – it was
actually caught – although not quite
from where the angler said.
I’m referring to the bizarre ‘claim’
by David Goodwin that he’d caught
not one, but three forty pound carp
from the Thames, all in the matter of a
couple of hours. With a catch like that
he must have realised that people
would be scrutinising it with a microscope, and it didn’t take long before
(Top) A Thames carp – oh really?
(Photo courtesy of Carp-Talk)
(Left) Martin Gay’s 48lb common, but
where from?


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