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Made In England
a couple of trips to the bank in a matter of days. Like I say, strange how
that happens but happily for Alexei it
does, and it was a wonderful sight to
see. Although I found a few fish during the weekend, they were buried
deep in the weed and even though I
had baits only a few yards from them,
the weed sometimes acts like wall, I
think, and the baits may as well have
been hundreds of yards away (that’s
my excuse, anyway). It was a great
weekend just the same, especially
after a hot and frustrating three and a
half hour journey found me arriving
on Friday afternoon to a totally empty
car park – I had to phone Mark up to
complain. I mean, I don’t pay those
syndicate fees to have the bloody lake
to myself, y’know. Fortunately he
must have phoned a couple of people
and by nightfall there were three of us
on the lake – I hate these popular bigfish waters.
So what of other folk? How have
they fared whilst I’ve been bathing in
Olympic glory and generally just
enjoying myself (if you can call a trip
to Disneyland Paris with the grandkids ‘enjoyment’)? Well, obviously
they’ve been enjoying themselves
too, but in a very carpy way, and I
have to start at the top of the pile with
Brian Humphries. He has the good
fortune to be on the incredible Wasing
Syndicate and got down for the start
of the Wasing season, at the beginning of August, and what a start he
had. Not only did he land a cracking
40lb 8oz common, which would be
enough for any man, but he then followed it up with the huge cherry on
top of the cake – the Parrot at one
ounce below 60lb. Brilliant result,
Brian, one that may take a little while
to better! But as much as the Parrot is
one of the best known big carp in the
country, how fantastic must it be to
catch a whacker that nobody has
seen before? That’s what happened
to Mark Odell when he and his mate
Chris Higgman tackled an 85-acre
Northants pit. Chris was the first off
the mark when he banked a PB common of 35lb, but then Mark hooked a
carp that took him over half an hour to
Jack Matthews PB of 42lb 7oz will take some beating.
land, and having already lost a few
fish that must have seemed like an
eternity. Eventually they netted it and
couldn’t believe their eyes when they
weighed the clonking mirror at 42½lb.
Terrific stuff, Mark; I hope there are
still more secrets in there for you.
A carp that is almost as well known
as the Parrot is the Half Lin from Vinn e t r o w. Wi t h s o m e b i g w e i g h t s
achieved last year it was tipped to be
the first sixty in Sussex but, as is the
way with the fish around the Chichester area, the fish spawned really
well and was caught the first time
this season by Adam Rawlings at just
under 48lb. It really is healthy for fish
like this to spawn so well, and you
only have to look at the Burghfield
Common, which, after being caught
by Terry at 48lb a few years ago, is
now back up into the mid-fifties and
still looking stunning.
As with Alexei’s capture of JC,
there have been some stunning commons put on the bank recently, and
two that caught my eye made me
soooo jealous! Aaron Hill did an


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