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Made In England
River rollers – Steve Cresswell… (Photo courtesy of Carp-Talk)
overnight session on a local water
near Lincoln and came away with the
biggest common in Lincolnshire! At a
few ounces under 42lb it is an incredible example of what a common
should look like, as is the specimen
that Jack Matthews caught from the
Bayeswater Syndicate. The fish,
which weighed 42lb 7oz, is a personal
best for Jack, and whatever weight of
carp he goes on to catch in the future,
I would suggest that this will always
be the best.
A couple of others that fall into the
‘who cares what it weighs?’ category
also come from Essex, and Scott
Walker’s beautiful 32lb linear comes
from the Bayeswater Syndicate as
well, so I’m wondering why I’ve not
heard about it before – it certainly
seems to have some fantastic fish in
there, if Scott and Jack’s captures are
anything to go by. Nick Maddix’s carp
is special not so much for its looks,
although it certainly isn’t ugly, but for
its history, and although it’s ‘only’
28lb, at over forty years old it has been
chased and held by some of the country’s foremost anglers, and Nick looks
r i g h t l y c h u f f e d . N i c k ’s a N a s h
employee and someone who put a lot
of faith in that company’s Scopex
Squid Red bait was Paul Atter. He’d
been targeting a particular fish in a
very difficult Cambs pit for three
years, and had told his girlfriend that
when he caught it they could set a
date for the wedding – well, ‘Ding
Dong’, because Paul caught it a week
ago and what a fish it is. It’s called the
Carving, for obvious reasons, and is
another stunning common of just
over 40lb. Well, done Paul, and good
luck to you and your future bride.
Despite the inclement weather,
there have still been a few fish getting
caught off the top and a regular in
these pages, Anthony Hardy, has
taken another lovely fish of 32lb off
the top, although he did say that it’s
been a particularly difficult year for
surface fishing. Having said that, his
personal best surface caught carp is
just over 40lb, so I suppose he would
be a little upset at just a 32! Well done,
mate, keep ‘em coming. Talking of surface caught carp, because I’ve been
down with Sir Pete weekly for the
past six months, he keeps me up to
date with his floater fishing antics,
and I believe we are now into about
the 30th month on the trot that he’s
caught a carp off the top. Just think
back to the past couple of winters
we’ve had then let that statistic sink
in a bit. Some of the captures have
been wonderful in the telling, especially when he caught one from a
flooded field recently! The full story
will appear in the follow-up to the
book we’ve just finished and will just
show how much he still absolutely
loves going fishing, come rain or shine
– no need for Pete to lie, that’s for sure.
Very briefly, on the subject of Pete’s
book, it will be called ‘Carp Side of the
Moon’ and will be released at the
Land’s End pub in Twyford on 24th
November, and then fully at the
Sandown show a week later. You’ll be
seeing adverts for it in the next month
or so and by the time you read this it
should be available to pre-order on
the Freebird website. Oh, and don’t
forget that Phil Escott’s wonderful
new book, ‘An Illusion of Maya’, is
now released and available to order
as well. It’s only been out a week or
so, but initial reviews have been very
good – it’s definitely like no carp
novel you’ve ever read before.
I’d finally like to go back to our
friend who claimed to have caught


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