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Eggington’s Secrets
s my light lead
skipped along the
surface, I was hoping I had another
chance of positioning the rig into
the bite zone, but at a short cast of
only 20 yards I was in fear of spooking
the massive commons and mirrors
that reside in Egginton Lagoon. So
when the 1oz lead hit bottom on my
second attempt with that all-important hard drop, I knew I was on the
money. I imagined the spot was no
bigger than a dustbin lid; not totally
gravel but perhaps made up with a
light covering of silt, but a true feeding spot for sure. Small snails were
regularly being brought in on the
hook and lead so after seeing numerous signs of carp activity right on this
spot I was more than happy that I was
fishing bang on the money.
Two days earlier at first light the
carp had given themselves away with
subtle shows that only would have
been noticed if you were looking hard
at the water. It was obvious why they
were there, as the night temperatures
were starting to drop and the carp
were now grazing in the deeper areas
of the lake and vacating the margins.
It was a great feeling fishing with
such confidence as the lake residents
grouped together creating the perfect
ambush situation, as the competition
for food would now be greater than
ever as the natural supplies slowly
but surely diminished.
Since the start of the season I had
steady results using a simple setup,
which consisted of a small length of
sink tubing and a lead clip arrangement together with my own hand
sharpened Drennan Continental
hooks, which were attached to a supple hooklink. I prefer this material, as
most anglers on the lake were using
the much more fashionable coated
braids or stiffer materials. Combined
with a 14mm balanced bait it was a
proven method that I had total confidence in. I do have rigs in my armoury
that will outfish many other rigs being
used on most waters, but for obvious
reasons prefer to keep them to myself.
It’s the same with bait – with so many
bait companies out there at the
moment it’s so important to make
sure your present supplier is provid-
The awesome Shimano Common.


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