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Eggington’s Secrets
angler like me was always quite satisfying. I opted for a swim that gave me
a good viewing point of the lake as I
hadn’t been down for a few days so I
guessed this was as good a bet as
any. The weather forecast for that day
was for an easterly wind at 15mph
combined with low cloud cover and a
temperature of around 16 degrees
Celsius, which meant the wind would
be straight in my face on the bank I
had chosen – perfect fishing conditions for this area.
I had fished the swim a few times
already in April, finding small fresh
shoots of weed and natural food
amongst it. These were the areas I
concentrated my efforts on, and yet
again both rods were set up with light
leads and balanced baits. Gently I
The lovely Floppy.
flicked out at about 25 yards and 45
yards feeling the lead going down
with a soft-ish drop. I’ve always been
a great believer in fishing light leads
when fish may be present in the
swim, as leads entering the water
coupled with lines are the biggest
carp scarers to date. But with super
sharp hooks and discreet terminal
tackle, a heavy lead is certainly not
needed to set the hook to any carp
that decides to mouth the bait. No
freebies were fired out on this occasion. Sometimes you can get away
with it and sometimes not; it’s all on
the day really, but as the wind had no
real strength to it, I avoided doing so,
as any additional surface noise would
only put the carp on edge.
My ESP was perfect, as within a
few hours the wind arrived and so did
the fish and in numbers too. Can you
imagine how I felt fishing one of the
toughest carp waters in the country,
not to mention the most secret water,
and there in front of me I have 30s and
40s bouncing all over me? I had to
convince myself to keep calm but six
weeks in and no carp for my efforts, I
was desperate to bank one of its
prizes. Which one would it be? The
awesome Scaly or the Big Linear; the
list goes on. So when the left hand rod
melted off and I quickly tightened the
clutch on my SS3000, I was in total
panic. I remained calm and the spirited fight was under control as the
lead popped off in classic style causing the fish to rise up in the water column and clear of all the bars and


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