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Eggington’s Secrets
small weed beds leading it back to
the bank almost in a direct line to my
feet. Suddenly, under the rod tip it
went mental, twisting and turning to
rid itself of the hook, but it held and
held strong, strong enough to be carefully brought to the net. In she went
first time with help from Wayne, a regular angler. He smiled and said, ‘Looks
like you have the Floppy Dorsal,
mate.’ Boy, was I one happy angler –
everybody wants this one. With its
clean, deep flanks and lovely heart
tail, and of course its floppy dorsal, it
really is a true English character. The
people who have been lucky enough
to catch her just simply stare in awe
at the photographs whenever she is
displayed. We weigh her at 33lb 8oz,
the photos were quickly taken, and
we slipped her back to fight another
Personally, as I briefly described in
my article in part 1, these carp, as
hard as they were to catch, I still feel
to this day that it’s all about being
consistent and focused with your
angling and not being too tempted to
get sidetracked and fish easier
waters. However, this is easier said
than done when you have family
commitments, a full time job and a
mortgage to pay. Time is precious and
sometimes the passion we all have
means we just want to catch carp no
matter what the strain or size, keeping it real springs to mind. Which
leads me to my last capture, an
incredible fighting machine called
I was trying to get something going
in the quieter areas of the lake, which
to be honest was proving difficult, as
the fish just did not visit this part of
the lake often enough for an angler to
be sat there for hours upon hours. I
made up my mind to fish other productive areas whilst priming my little
spot on a regular basis until I felt it
was ready. I tend to get bored very
quickly on some waters and like to up
sticks and take on a fresh start even if
it means moving just 30 yards down
the bank; I just have to be on fish or
what’s the point? On ‘day only’
waters I find there’s always so much
to do, much preferring to be more
proactive by walking and climbing
trees trying to piece together my next
bite. For me it’s all about the hunt as
opposed to the camping.
I felt that if I could achieve some
form of regular visits from carp by
baiting at dusk and checking again at
first light then maybe I had a chance.
I started baiting with mini tigers and
hemp – a simple but deadly combination. I didn’t want boilies down there
making everything more visual to
passing anglers who may or may not
d e c i d e t o i n v e s t i g a t e, s o t i g e r s
amongst the small broken stones and
crushed snails blended in perfectly. I
started dropping a few handfuls in on
dark when walking back to the car
park whilst I had been fishing another
swim. It had to be kept quiet because
if anybody saw me constantly looking
or baiting my secret spot then it
would be game over. It really was like
a game of chess on the Lagoon at
Chris Appleby with the stunning Blackspot Common at 37lb-plus.


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