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Made in England
Before the Dust Bowl – Carl Bullock with a lovely upper 20.
time to comprehend the captures
from yesterday and now all of that
seemed a million years ago. The loss
was still strong in my mind; it really
did hurt. Soon after, Adam decided to
pay me a visit and he too was gutted,
but he kept his optimism and decided
breakfast was the order of the day.
The recast rod signalled a single
bleep, dropping the bobbin slightly,
followed by another bleep as it lifted
an inch. “That’s a take!” Adam yelled.
I dropped to bend into the rod and,
sure enough, I was in again, whilst
Adam fell into line carrying out the
same procedures as last time, dropping the lines and guiding me to
direct the carp around the bush if
need be. Within minutes she was
close, and after a short, dogged fight
near the net it was mine. Oh my god,
I just couldn’t do this – I felt absolutely lost. Adam just stood and fell
about laughing, “You’ve never had a
forty pound mirror have you, mate?”
“Shut up! No it’s not, is it? Is it?
“Paw Print!” he laughed, hysterically.
My mind was in a spin, with
thoughts of who’d had it last, how big
it was. Tom had it last and it was
forty-one and a half. “Really? You’re
not joking are you?” Adam heaved
the net to the mat, guesstimating
forty-two. He wasn’t far out, and at
43lb 12oz, I’d caught my first English
forty, and from Wraysbury, as well.
“ T C P o n To u r ! Yo u K n o w T h e
Score!” was echoed across the Colne
Valle. Totally blown away; four takes
in nineteen hours and the Power of
the Super Moon. ”Ya Rude Boy.”
Brilliant! What a session and what a
story! Oh to have Adam Penning by
your side when you were playing the
fish of a lifetime, eh?
Not too long after, Daren Norman
was fishing the South Lake, off Douglas Lane Point in a big wind and was
rewarded with another of the Scotties
to go over 40lb – No Name at 40lb 4oz.
A few more have graced the Wraysbury banks since, but most are tightlipped about their captures, so we’ll
leave it at that.
A few lads have contacted me
about their exploits, recent and otherw i s e, a n d t o p o f t h e t r e e a t t h e
moment is Ian Stott. He’s just continuing where he left off the last time he
was in here with the Chinese Common and Lumpy from Welly. This time,
over a couple of sessions, he has just
simply gone mental! After a short ses-
sion on a local lake (which produced
seven 30s to 39lb!) he was off down to
Welly, and over about thirty hours had
the session of a lifetime – again! His
first fish, after a night time battle of
over three quarters of an hour, was a
new PB common of 48lb 3oz. A midtwenty followed at lunchtime, then
the following morning another monster was on the end, and what a monster it was – a mirror known as Scruffy
Bob at 49lb 10oz. Not content with
that, he returned the following week
and landed a 43lb ghostie! Brilliant,
Ian – just unbelievable. I believe Ian is
writing a book at the moment, and
with content like this, I can see it
being highly sought after.
Another email friend of mine is
Anthony Hardy, and from what I can
recall, a lot of his past captures have
been surface caught, and these later
ones ore no different. Anthony
doesn’t bother with weights; he just
lets the pictures speak for themselves, and all I know is that at least
one of them is a personal best floater
caught carp. Nice one Anthony, keep
‘em coming.
Carl Bullock is a special kind of
bloke; he serves in Her Majesty’s
Forces in Afghanistan so deserves our


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