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Made in England
Robbie Fielding gets his own back on the Northern Linear.
utmost respect. Due to that, his
angling is limited to say the least, and
the photos he sent me were from a
few sessions he managed to grab last
year before going off to the Dust
Bowl, as he calls it. He didn’t manage
many fish, but he did have a few over
thirty pounds, and can’t wait to have
another go later in the year. His wife,
Kirsty, is expecting their first child
when he returns, so I’m sure I speak
for all of us when I wish them all the
very best of luck, and a safe return.
Well done, mate.
A couple of notable captures over
the past month, and the first is the
Spitfire Common, which has just
tipped the scales at a few ounces over
50lb. Gary Lewis was the happy captor, but it wasn’t just a case of turning
up and landing the biggie. Gary made
the 300-mile round trip to the lake a
few days prior to his session in order
to bait up with about 3-4 kilos of bait,
then on his return, that extra effort
paid full dividends. Well done, Gary –
a great fish and a great effort.
And finally, a cracking result for
Robbie Fielding when he landed the
Northern Linear from Manor at an
astounding 53lb. The thing is, he’d
foul hooked it earlier in the year and
thought that his chance had gone of
catching the much sought after resident. But that pain was soon forgotten as he righted that wrong.
There we have it; the ups and
downs of modern day carp angling.
Modern football has similar ups and
downs, and at the moment England’s
fortunes are slightly up. Last night
they drew with France in their opening game, which was encouraging,
but I’m afraid I am trying desperately
to curtail my usual unbridled enthusiasm. If we can make it through the
group stage, that will be great but, as
usual, by the time you read this it will
all be over. I wonder…?
Mark’s book, A Fool and His Eel,
should be with us in a few weeks, and
we’ll be launching it at the Land’s
End Pub in Twyford (near Dinton) so,
if the weather’s getting you down
why not pop along and pick yourself
up a signed copy. It’s at midday on
Saturday 7th July. By then, however, I
do hope it’s stopped raining – imagine where all our fish might end up if
it doesn’t. n
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