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Rotary Letter
My first 40, the same fish Jamie caught a few years earlier.
scaly fish, and back in the late 90s it
was producing fish to mid 30s, which
was huge for the area. In early 2001,
the club decided to restock the water
with some lightly scaled fish from a
Croatian strain (I think). These new
stockies brought a disease with them
and wiped out a lot of the originals.
Now ten years on, a few of the originals are starting to get back to where
they were, and a couple of the linears
are hitting the mid 30lb mark. I have
no interest in fishing for the stockies,
even though a couple are doing bigger weights than the originals, but I
wouldn’t mind getting one of those
linears in my album. Grey area? Hard
decision? Well not really; the defining
point to me is that the stockies were
p u t i n b e t w e e n 5 a n d 8 l b. S o I
wouldn’t fish there for them, but I’m
happy to do the odd session on the
water for the other fish. If they were
stocked at bigger weights, I wouldn’t
entertain the issue and I would boycott the water. So for me it’s not about
what I class as a wrong’un or not; it’s
about the weight it went in at and if
they are good looking and desirable.
However, to take it one step further,
I couldn’t target a water full of fat,
pale, scaleless and ugly fish no matter
how long they had been in the water
for or what weight they were stocked
at. This is not because I class them as
wrong’uns, but because I would just
get bored and struggle to find the
drive and desire to fish there. However as a flipside to what I have said, I
don’t see an issue with some of the
Horton fish that were famously
moved at big weights. But no matter
what I will fish for and what I avoid, I
believe it’s down to personal choice
and it’s a hobby for most and a way of
relaxing and enjoying themselves.
Question 2
When the lakes go tough in winter
the key is normally single hook baits,
maggots or zig rigs. I’m sure some of
the others will go into greater detail
on rigs etc, so I won’t, but I will say
that location is the key, and there are
often short, defined feeding times in
I prefer catching
well proportioned
scaly fish that were
stocked at low


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