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Rotary Letter
don’t know why you would want to
catch the fish again either. Nice to see
that Ed agreed though – nice one,
Talking of Ed, last month he asked
whether anyone had experienced fish
excreting a watery substance from
the vent. I had this happen to me on
one occasion when I caught a common from a friend’s lake. I weighed
the fish at 37lb-plus, but while photographing it, it started to lose the
water. On speaking to the lak’s
owner, Jon, he informed me that this
fish often did this; in fact it has been
doing it with no ill effect for some
time. The fish did eventually pass
away, but this was over a year after I
caught it and after several others
catching it too. What causes it I don’t
know, but it always swam away
strongly and showed no signs of
stress on each capture. Ok, on with
the questions that have been sent in
this month…
Question 1
Jon McAllister first and the great
wrong’un debate! This seems to create such a stir whenever it is brought
up, and I more often than not end up
losing my rag over it! If it’s been
imported then it’s a wrong’un – simple. People go around saying, “Well all
carp are imported; you only have to
look back to the monks.” I understand
this, but they were imported back in
the day because we didn’t have carp.
We do now, so why import them?
People legally and illegally importing
With fish like these stunning Lower Berryfields carp available, why the hell
would you want to fish for wrong’uns is beyond me!
carp are putting the future of our
sport at serious risk, all for the sake of
stocking lakes with instantly large
carp. People go on about some of the
big carp that are out there now that
are blatantly wrong’uns and say that
it’s ok because they were imported
small and have grown on in this
country. How does that make it right?
Look what happened to Darenth
back in the day. It held some of the
country’s finest carp then some idiot
decided to chuck a load of wrong’uns
in there – lo and behold, the originals
all turned over. What’s all that about?
Look at Monument – WTF?! Filled
with imports to create an instant fishery… What bollocks!!
I do not see the point of bringing in
foreign fish to stock lakes when you
have breeders in the UK such as Ross
Just look at this one…
…and this one!
This 37lb 6oz common always passed water from the vent when caught, and it
had no ill effect on it, although did die eventually.
…and this!


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