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Rotary Letter
If I had listened to everyone else when they said the lake didn’t fish in winter and
had gone elsewhere, I wouldn’t have had this one.
at Lower Berryfield Fisheries, Simon
at Dinton Pastures, Viv at VS Fisheries
etc. Why would you want to fish for an
import when the above-mentioned
companies’ fish are such stunning
fish is beyond me! See, I knew I’d lose
my rag! Stop importing carp – end of.
It’s not necessary…
Question 2
Mr Wittle asks what he can do to get
a bite as all the lakes in his area have
“shut up shop”. Well Mr Wittle, keep
plugging away at it and don’t call it a
day just because you think the lakes
aren’t fishing – try something different. I was told last year that the Road
Lake didn’t fish in winter and that I
was wasting my time on there. I went
on to have 14 bites from the end of
November through to March from
there. If I had listened to what I was
being told then I would have pulled
off and gone elsewhere, and as a
result wouldn’t have caught what I
Something I did do though was to
use large quantities of particle and
only a small amount of boilie, and this
worked well for me. All but one fish
came to boilie hookbaits (the other
came to a tiger), but I was baiting
with as much as a bucket of particle
mix a night. Think outside the box –
try a different rig setup, a different
presentation, a different area to others, but most importantly don’t quit.
I’m not going to tell you what to do,
but have a good think about how you
have fished the lake all year and then
make sure you try something different
to that in the winter. The lake most
probably hasn’t shut up shop; it’s
more than likely that they have
changed their feeding habits,
because if you think about it, carp still
have to feed if they are moving
around to replace the energy used.
Question 3
Mr Allen asks about a strict “no-fishing” water. I don’t think you should go
near the place Mr Allen… you should
tell me where it is though! No, seriously, rules are there to be broken,
and if you can access the water and
get away without being seen then get
your bloody arse over there as soon as
you can and get angling for them. You
are talking about possibly two previously uncaught 50s. If I was in your
shoes I would have not said a word to
anyone and I would be over there as
often as I could, learning as much as I
could and baiting up a few spots to
see how they respond. Stuff what
anyone else says or thinks – just go
about it carefully and don’t get
caught. If you do feel like contacting
me and telling me where it is, then
please feel free to message me
through Facebook.
Question 4
Mr Rowley asks about crays. Now we
have discussed the cray situation
before in the rotary letter, so I’m not
going to go over old ground. I believe
we suggested a few ideas to get
around them taking baits, so I suggest you get hold of a back issue from
Rob; I’m sure he will know which
issue it was in.
You can’t beat a little guesting!
Question 5
Mr Rockhill asks about peat lakes.
Now I don’t know a great deal about
peat lakes, but I do know of people
who have actually put peat on a spot
that they had been fishing after it
became too blatant in the hope of it
freshening it back up and keeping the
fish on the said spot. Whether it actually worked I don’t know, but I know it
was tried.
When you think about it though, if
the whole lake is peaty then they will
feed in it somewhere; it’s just a case
of finding that area. Surely there will
be signs of where they are feeding,
and once you have seen where these
spots are then with some careful bait
application you should hopefully get
some form of action off that area.
Maybe try these with some corn, as
carp can’t resist hemp and corn, even
in a peaty lake.


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