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Rotary Letter
Maybe try hemp and corn with
some Bloodworm Extract Pellet. No
carp can resist hemp and corn no
matter what the lakebed is like, and
I’m sure this will buy you a bite or
two. The other thing you mentioned
about low oxygen in the lake is something I have also heard about on other
waters, but those fish still feed. It may
be that they are less active in times of
low oxygen. I believe that Chertsey is
a water that has bad water quality
and suffers from low oxygen levels at
times, but you only have to look at the
big one in there to see that it feeds
well and is growing at some rate, so it
may be something that you are worrying too much about. I suggest that
you just get on with it and see how
you get on. It’s all about learning at
the end of the day, and without trying
things you are not going to learn. I’m
not being rude when I say this Kevin;
it’s just what I would do myself.
That’s it again from me for this
month. Till next time….
Rob Maylin
Firstly just a comment about our
newcomers Leon and Jamie and last
issue’s letter... The two new lads have
been brilliant – thanks very much
guys, not only hitting the deadlines
but some great comments... I love it
when a plan comes together. I found
the answers really interesting last
issue, especially the ‘spots’ and ‘red
card’ questions, a real contrast in
answers… I salute Sean for being
A new record... No, it’s France.
totally open and selfless in his angling
– top bloke.
Secondly, Happy New Year everyone. I know this will not be out until
February, but I also know there will
still be people who I did not get
around to speaking to before… Have
a great season, one and all.
There was a point when I seriously
thought about passing on this
month’s letter, as I’ve been just so
busy with the Yateley books, the next
i n t h e L e g e n d s s e r i e s , Tr e v o r
Pritchard’s new book, the 200th
issue of Big Carp and not to mention
that Christmas and New Year got in
the way, but not only are there a couple of questions I really wanted to
a n s w e r, b u t m o r e i m p o r t a n t l y I
wanted to make the effort. I love the
Rotary letter and I am always disappointed when some of the contributors don’t find the time to do it,
because I enjoy reading their answers
so much. So, rather than not do it at
all, I will answer each question to the
point, and apologies now for some
answers being a little brief.
Question 1
This is a great question, and one that
I feel evolves as time goes on... I’ll
explain: in the early nineties when the
threat of the importation of foreign
jumbos was fresh in our minds, I
stood on the tallest soap box in the
land and shouted my opinions:
“Behead the bastards and down
with anyone who would fish for
‘em”... and I was not alone. But it hap-
This one loved a cray.
Shut up shop!
pened anyway of course, and maybe
not quite as I imagined... You see I
had visions of dozens of 60-70lb carp
being imported and the British record
being broken every week by yet
another “le carp”. The fact is carp of
all sizes have been brought in legally
and illegally for 20 years now; they are
everywhere, and your average carper
does not give a toss where they came
from... In their eyes there’s no such
thing as a wrong’un! What are we
going to do? They would argue that
all carp are imported into this country
originally, as they are not an indigenous species, which is a fair point.


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