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Rotary Letter
The fact is Jon that the old saying,
”Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
applies these days. It all depends on
your own point of view. The likes of
you, me, Terry etc are a minority; we
know if it’s right or wrong, but who
else really cares?
Question 2
My first thought was move to a winter water where bites come all year
round; that’s what i used to do. But if
you don’t have a choice there are several obvious steps to take: Fish
around, vary your methods, try the
mag-aligner, and if all else fails feed
maggots into a previous winter bite
area. This will get them moving if
they are there.
Question 3
Got to be worth a go… Doesn’t sound
like you are hurting anyone – tell us
about it please!
Question 4
Come on Bill, sort it out! There are lots
of ways of getting around crayfish
that I am sure you are aware of…
bloody nuisance though!
Question 5
This is a similar scenario to the
deoxygenating by rotting leaves that
we answered recently... Sounds like
the mag-aligner would sort it out to
Maggot muncher in deep silt.
Leon Bartropp
Well, firstly I must say a Happy Christmas and New Year to all the RL contributors and you, the readers. With
that out of the way, and reading the
last RL contributions, I was nodding
with Sean’s comments after I posed
the question about the big retail outlets getting into the tackle business.
They should stay out of it, and I shall
tell you why… After speaking to a few
people in the trade and also a good
friend of mine who works as a manager for one of these large retail
stores, he said the way they go about
their business plan is thus: The big
stores will cherry-pick some of the
leading manufacturers’ products from
their ranges, and they will stock
Korda, Fox, Shimano, Daiwa etc etc,
but what they do is they will display
these products and next to them they
will display a very much cheaper
alternative product in their own store
packaging, thus getting the paying
punter to buy their branded products
that they will be making a huge
markup on.
Of course they will sell the recognised products, but they will sell a lot
more of the cheaper more profitable
home brand products, so by the manufacturers supplying them, they
are actually doing themselves out
of turnover in the long run. The big
stores will be hitting the small
tackle shops, and I can see a
growing trend towards the smaller
shops going out of business and
these bigger tackle shops becoming more prominent in the next
five or ten years, or even sooner if the
current climate continues with the
recession we are in. I think the trade
is in for a terrible time in the future
unless the economy picks up. This
will hit us guys who earn a living out
of the sport that we love… We have
been warned. There’s not a lot more I
can add to what the others have
added about last month’s questions
and discussions, I think we just about
got it all covered between us, so let’s
move onto this month’s questions.
Question 1
What a question, and one that I’m
sure will invoke passion and some
deep rooted opinions from the contributors. Personally, my opinion on
the matter is this: if a fish is brought
into this country illegally, whatever
weight it may be, then it has had to
endure some pretty horrible conditions to get here for a start, and it may
well be full of viruses and parasites.
Why would I as an angler want to pay
to fish for such a creature for the proceeds to fuel an economy to bring
more fish like these into the country
and subsequently bring more disease
with them, thus putting our own
indigenous fish at risk? I don’t have a
problem with fish of any size being
‘legally’ imported, even if it is a record
size fish; at least I know it has gone
through tests and not endured the
unfortunate journey its less privileged, illegally imported cousins have.
I also will have the choice if I want to
try and catch these fish. I may choose
not to fish for it, but at least I and others would be aware of its origin rather
Old English history fish like this one need protecting.


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