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Rotary Letter
A quiet unfished water where I have
guessed a few times.
I’m quite happy to fish for French carp in France!
than unaware with an illegally
imported one.
But the choice is personal, and who
am I to tell others that they should not
get enjoyment out of their fishing for
“wrong’uns” for want of a better
word. I can only advise and highlight
the circumstances that an illegally
imported fish has gone through and
the possible diseases that it has
brought with it. People have to make
their own choices based on the facts
that are there, and you also have to
take into account that some of the
high-profile anglers that constantly
tell the public not to fish for such fish,
or imply that certain fish aren’t true
100% British and fulfil their criteria for
being worthy of captures, have
indeed fished for some of these fish
themselves. “Thou art not whiter than
white…” As I said before, everyone
has to make up their own mind as to
what they want to get out of their
fishing and ultimately make a decision as to what they fish for.
Question 2
You can wait for the good weather to arrive…
Not really a lot you can do, I have
found, if your chosen lake or lakes are
not producing. There will be windows
of opportunity if a mild spell comes in,
and if you can time your trips accordingly then the rewards will be there,
but if I was you then I would go
somewhere like a runs water that I
could guarantee a bend in the rod for
some winter action.
Question 3
Firstly, I don’t condone poaching for
fish that are being fished for by
anglers who have paid good money
for tickets or for someone to poach
the lake in the close season or at night
if it’s a day-only water. To me that’s
just unfair to the paying angler, and is
just mugging them off. You deserve
everything you get if you get caught!
One from years ago on a water that no one knew about or fished.
…or go to a proven winter water for a bite.


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