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Rotary Letter
have looked more at home poking its
head above the waves and looking at
the Church Point on Lac Du Der at
Chantecoq. I simply unhooked it and
slipped it back, whereas it was a main
target fish for a lot of the other
anglers, some of whom were probably
dismayed by my lack of respect.
The point I am trying to make here
is that everything I do is my choice.
We all have that same freedom of
choice, but I would happily have photographed that same big mirror for an
angler in the swim next door; in fact I
did just that on one occasion. What
really pisses me off are the people
who belittle other anglers’ results
because they do not fall into their
own specific set of parameters
regarding right and wrong. Everyone
has the right to fish for whatever they
wish – there is no collective cup for
achievement. We are not in competition with each other, and we should
be strong enough to know what really
matters is what counts in our own
eyes and our own nets.
If all the anglers in the UK decided
to listen to the more radical of the
purist elements within our sport, then
there would be no swims left to fish
on the ‘proper’ waters. All of us who
write, or work in any way within the
fishing industry, are reliant on the
angling masses and our ability to
make the sport appealing to newcomers. They pay our wages, so telling
them that their hard earned results
are worthless is totally counterproductive. I believe that there is a need
for carp of different sorts in different
types of lake to suit all levels of
Personally I see a lot of the newer
strains of UK bred carp as lacking in
character and beauty; they are not for
me, but I am still aware that the fish I
really want to target have their
genetic roots firmly set on the continent, and Donald Leney and his
mates made my life a happier place.
In saying that, there are breeders out
there that produce some fantastic
looking fish. I have caught a great
deal of young Dinton carp that will
grow to be stunning looking fish and
fill our future with legitimate targets I
would be proud to fish for.
So, in answer to what constitutes a
‘wrong’un’, I know what I think, but I
also know it will not fit into a specific
category, as it’s just my opinion.
Lastly though, as I know it will come
Not all stockies are plain and uninteresting.
up, illegal importation is a different
matter entirely, and threatens everything we hold dear no matter how we
classify it, and there is no need, no
excuse, and should be no tolerance for
it whatsoever!
Question 2
I’m fishing at the moment with no
bites, so I wish I knew. By the time
this magazine gets out it will be
March and bites will be commonplace, so I won’t bother answering
this question any further.
Question 3
Firstly, the best advice I can give is to
get a second opinion on the size of
the fish before you think about breaking lots of rules in an attempt to catch
them. If you want to send me the
details of where the lake is situated I
would be willing to freely give up my
time to help in this matter, I don’t usually get involved personally in the
rotary letter questions but I am sure I
could make an exception in this
instance. J If you do decided to go it
alone though, I hope you have taken
the preliminary precaution of not
using your real name at the top of this
If there is no fishing on the lake
then you are not interfering with anybody else’s angling and you just have
to decide yourself if the ends justify
the means – how badly do you want
to catch these fish? If you do go
ahead then just make sure there is not
another reason why angling is not
allowed. Is the place surrounded by a
protected plant or weird species of
newt or something? If you damage
nothing, leave no trail and put the fish
back where they belong then personally, I wouldn’t have a problem with it,
but then I have done it before anyway, so I wouldn’t have would I?
As for the forums, what on earth
have they got to do with anything?
Are you fishing for your own enjoyment or not? What do you care what
somebody on the other side of a computer somewhere thinks about the
way you choose to manage your own
There are those in life that ‘talk the
talk’ and those that ‘walk the walk’
and you only get one life, mate, so live
it by your own rules.
Question 4
You could try this;
4-6 whole crayfish
1 tablespoons of tomato paste
1 onion
3 full wineglasses of dry white wine
1 small carrots
60gm butter
2 sprigs parsley
Salt & pepper to taste
1 bay leaves


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