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Rotary Letter
fish. These spurious simulated lakes
then become desirable to visit, not
just by anglers wanting to pleasure
fish but also by a circuit revolving
around notoriety.
I am not saying that I have never
fished a runs water or Simmo lakes
because I have, purely for the pleasure
of catching fish on a certain day or a
social with pals, so I take that away
from nobody, but glorifying yourself
for doing that makes you just as much
of a ‘wrong’un’ as the fish you are trying to catch!
Question 2
The simple answer to this is maggots!
I have witnessed lakes over the last
few years dry up in the colder
months, and then seen the difference
as the winter maggot craze anglers
come down and the lake goes from a
bite or two every few week to six or
seven fish a week. The switch is stag-
Maggots in a spod mix.
gering. Rob (Maylin) was the first person I saw writing about this with his
mag aligner, and while I watched
from afar I never got involved in it
until recently. It is so prevalent now
that every time I see someone have a
decent session at this time of year
maggots are always involved.
I prefer to use a gallon or two of
maggots in a spod mix with groundbait and small boilies as the maggots
can ‘blow’ if everyone is putting large
amounts in with no other food. I will
then fish various hookbaits over the
top of this mix, usually plastic corn
with three plastic maggots as a hair
stop or a small boilie with the same
maggot hair stop. I then fish a PVA
stick of the same mix and thread it
down the line, and I find that a few
live maggots are usually impregnated
on the hook when you thread it, giving extra attraction.
Question 3
First question, where is this? No you
shouldn’t fish for them, leave it to me!
Joking aside, I am somebody that
has caught a few of these types of fish
over the years and believe that everything in this green and pleasant land
is there for our enjoyment, assuming
that you don’t harm others in your
pursuit. What I mean by that is if it is
in the grounds of a house with a little
old lady that might be terrified by
hearing people rustle around her garden at 3am, then you shouldn’t be
doing it. Another more relevant
Winter 46lb-plus caught over maggot mix after there hadn’t been a bite for
Guesting… Honest guv, it wasn’t me!
example is if you have to traipse over
people’s graves to get access to the
lake, then again that is disrespectful
and if that is the only option I
wouldn’t be comfortable with it.
Another example of ‘guesting’ that
is morally wrong is if you are fishing a
lake that has a membership or syndicate where everybody traditionally
plays by the rules and you break them
by fishing out of bounds or at night if
it isn’t allowed, then that is also
wrong, as you are catching the fish at
the expense of other people’s enjoyment. Imagine you are playing by the
rules, fishing very limited day hours
not knowing that somebody had
already caught the fish you were after
in the middle of the night, and you
were sat there doing the right thing
but completely wasting your time.
If there are no rules or fishing
allowed at all, or you a doing it the
same as everybody has done it for a
long time, then that is perfectly fine
by me, as long as you are respectful,
leave the place as you find it and go
about your business quietly. In my
opinion go right ahead.
Question 4
I have only fished one lake with the
dreaded crayfish and boy are they a
pain. It makes everything you usually
do to catch our prey 500% harder. You
cannot introduce bait to get something going, as it is devoured in minutes wherever you put it. Your rigs are
being permanently messed around


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