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with, so even if you do get a chance
from a carp, your rig may be useless,
not to mention the fact that you probably have no bait on.
The things that worked for me are
as follows; air dried baits give you
about four hours’ life as opposed to
about twenty minutes with a standard bait. Electrical heat shrink plastic can be used to protect the hookbait; they still mess around with it,
but you are usually ‘still fishing’ by
the morning.
I prefer to use plastic hookbaits on
a rig that can reset itself, so I make a
perfect pop-up with the Nash Critter
baits. I soak the plastics in whatever
flavour I am using at the time as the
plastic takes it on very well. I use
missing-link hook material, as it is
tough and quite thick, so I know it is
resetting if the crays mess with it.
I then feed small items such as
hemp and pellet and groundbait that
are difficult to pick up, but leave
attraction in the swim around the
area. That is about all you can do.
Recast as often as possible.
The crays definitely slow down in
the winter months, especially in the
deeper areas of the lake. Interestingly
I have also found waters with crays in
tend to fish well in the winter. I think
that this may be a result of the
ravenous crays slowing down and the
carp making the most of it. It is not a
scientific theory, but on the lake I
fished it was certainly the case.
Question 5
Hi Kevin,
I have spent quite a bit of time fishing
around the Cambridgeshire Fens,
which are all formed from peat bogs
and generally have few plant nutrients but lots of minerals in them.
They are usually prolific for growing
large fish, and while they can be very
rich around springtime with natural
hatches and therefore difficult to get a
bite on, I have never noticed any negatives down to lack of oxygen except
when there is algae present.
It is possible that there are factors
in your lake, but whatever they are,
the carp will have acclimatized to
them and will feed as necessary.
Many lakes go through periods of
time when the carp are elusive, and I
Critically balancing crayfish-proof
Critter baits.
wonder if a spell like that is happening along with some doubt creeping
into your mind and knocking your
confidence, which is more relevant.
Generally on a big, open lake I
would be fishing on the end of the
winds and varying the spots that I
fish. I would have a rod on any clay
spots that I found (clay spots always
produce fish), and if there was any
natural food in the peat then you can
be sure that there is oxygen there and
no reason at all why the fish wouldn’t
feed on it. Stick to a bait and rig that
you are confident in and keep doing
the right thing while on the lookout
for fish, and I think it will come good
for you. n
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