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Chronicle Fishing
Lake, which holds a maximum of six
anglers at any given time, although
larger parties may be accommodated
upon arrangement with Steve. It is
stocked with roughly 130 specimen
carp with a large head of 20s and
some stunning 30s also present. As
well as many original carp, owner
Steve has added some lovely AJS
stockies with some faster growing
strains to complement the already
great stock. For example, target fish
Chucky has grown from 18lbs to 28lbs
within just two years and is getting
bigger all the time. The lodge wall is
filled with photos of these target fish,
one of which, George, took a liking to
Team Chronicle member Paul Wood
who managed to land the old warrior
at 25lbs 8oz, his PB and a well
deserved catch. George was just one
Top) 2.5 acre Churchwood Lake.
(Below left) Ian Schaverien with this
stunning 17lb 5oz mirror stockie
caught on pop-up corn from
(Below right) Kevin Goss with
Blackspot at 25lbs 14oz from Jenkins
on yellow pop-up.
of ten stunning fish caught from
Churchwood over our time spent on
the lake, including an unknown 24lb
8oz mirror. (We’re trying to get it
named Chronicle, but we’re still waiting on the decision – wink, wink,
Steve!). It was caught by Ricky
Westpfel along with a few old originals landed by Ian Schaverien.
The quality continued over on the
Jenkins, a smaller lake, a little over
one acre in size. On here Only two
anglers are permitted to fish at any
given time, but like Churchwood,
larger parties can be accommodated.
It has a stock of roughly 60 fish, again
with a large head of 20s and some
knocking at the 30lb door.
Team Chronicle managed three fish
from Jenkins in total; the biggest
being Kevin Goss’ 25lb 14oz mirror
named Blackspot. With the weather
conditions on all our sessions not
being ideal for carp fishing – rain,
snow and ice being the main culprits
– and with the aerators doing a great
job keeping both waters clear, we still
managed 13 fish in total, all of which
fell to a combination of yellow popped
up baits fished in the far and near
margins on Churchwood and Jenkins.
These far margins can be tricky to
cast to with lots of overhanging trees
and snags dotted around, so in addition to the already great facilities
there is a boat complete with life jackets provided on each lake, which is a
big plus for getting your rigs and bait
back onto the same spot every time.
The boat is also there for safely
recovering snagged lines and fish,
which owner Steve Sands insists on.
For fish safety, landing nets, cradles
and weigh slings are all provided to
prevent the spread of diseases on the
fishery. The old one-acre stock pond
has been converted into a catfish lake
with wels cats going up to 60lbs, and
it looks like it will be good fun when
the warmer months return.
Fishery rules
• Valid day ticket holders only permitted onto fishery.
• Strictly no guests and no viewing
of lakes.
• Operates on a prebooking system.
• Barbless hooks only.


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