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The Bountyhunter Meets The Urban Myth
Rob: I have a real treat for our readers
this month in our special 200th
anniversary edition. I have driven
down to London today to meet up
with none other than the urban myth
himself, Terry Dempsey. Most of you
who didn’t know Terry Dempsey
before 2012 know him now. Because
in 2012 he brought out his blockbuster book, the Urban Myth, which
rocked the angling world with all his
catches that he had kept secret over
the years. It’s a fantastic book and if
you haven’t got it, my advice is get
out there and get it now, because in
another year or two there’s going to
be a part two of that book, and you
don’t want to have missed out on part
one, let me tell you that – it is fantastic.
Anyway, the first time I came
across Tel, I was thumbing through
the Angling Times, funnily enough. It
would have been around the mideighties sometime and there in the
centre pages was a double-page
spread about these boys who had
been ripping Darenth apart using a
new method. It was something I had
never tried before – fishmeals and
oils, and when I say oils, we are talking about oils in large amounts;
something that really hadn’t been
tried on any of the waters that I was
fishing. I was on Savay at the time,
and opening the paper that day I sort
of gasped in awe at these lovely fish
that these guys were catching down
at Darenth on oil, so I am going to ask
Terry now, what was that like down
there in those early days on Darenth?
Terry: Darenth was a brilliant place
to fish in those times. The amount of
different anglers we met down there
that had come from all over the southeast to fish there was unbelievable.
We were meeting a lot of well-known
anglers down there – people like
Steve Briggs, Alan Smith plus many
others. Going to Darenth was a big
move for us at the time. The differe n c e w a s t h o u g h , w e ’d a l r e a d y
caught big fish before we went to
Darenth, but no one knew about that.
In fact when we went to Darenth my
biggest fish was well beyond any fish
that was in Darenth at the time. I
wasn’t going to Darenth for a personal best. I had already caught an
upper 30 in 1985. But what we went
to Darenth for was to catch plenty of
fish, and we knew that the Darenth
fish were beautiful. We heard of Big
Bollocks and Scar Bar, and we had
seen the slide shows from people like
Lee Jackson. We thought the Darenth
fish at the time were second to none
and were beautiful, and it was close
to where we lived. Once we were on
Darenth we did not look back; we just
kept fishing it and had brilliant times
down there.
Rob: Of course this was the start of
the Jeff Bowers empire with his Premier Baits and all the oils.
Terry: Well the funny thing with
Jeff was that most people would
associate me with him, but I originally
met him at Yateley, when he was fishing the Yateley North Lake around
1984-1985 or something like that. He
was only doing a one-off session
there, and a couple of mates and I had
got a ticket for Yateley. It was about
£18 that year, and fishing on there at
time there were people like Terry
Glebioska, Rob McGill. It was around
the time that Ritchie had caught Bazil
and Robin Dix had caught Heather.
So that’s where I met Jeff, and straight
Stopped off on the way home from Wraysbury and caught this snub-nosed common from Sutton on a short evening session.


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