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The Bountyhunter Meets The Urban Myth
away I clicked with him. He is a really
funny guy, and I just loved being in
his company and listening to all his
crazy stories.
It was about a couple of years later
when I saw Jeff again at Darenth that
we got talking about bait like we did
the first time we met, and I was really
interested in these big oily gobstoppers that he was rolling up. I just
thought straight away, I want some of
that bait, even though it hadn’t
proved itself at Darenth at the time.
Jeff only really fished there in the winter so it hadn’t been used in the summer. Once we started using it, that
was it; we just took the place apart,
even though we were catching before
our catch rates went up. We were
even catching some of the fish two or
three times in a week – fish that were
only on the bank once or twice a year
– and the bait just took off.
Rob: Although I saw Terry in that
big feature in the Angling Times, it
was not until several years later that
our rods crossed properly down at
Longfield or Fox Pool. Terry has just
reminded me of my opening line
when I walked into his swim, and I
had totally forgotten about it, of
course. He was down there with his
big old fishmeal gobstoppers and I
was down there with my tiny little
baits, surface presentation being one
of my strong points, and that was my
plan of attack, but Terry had other
Terry: When I first went to Longfield the place had a massive reputation among the big carp fishing world,
and in those days anglers were different to now in my opinion. People in
those days were very secretive. When
I first went to Longfield, I could not
get any information at all out of anybody, and even the people that I knew
had fished Longfield wouldn’t tell me
anything even though they were socalled friends. The only time I had
ever seen anything about it was when
Rob, Dave Wibley and Steve Alcott
had caught some fish out of there in
the winter and I had seen some pictures. Also I had heard about a lad
who used to fish Darenth called Colin
Unknown Wraysbury common caught on two grains of corn under the rod tip.
Martin who fished down there, and
John Holt and the Twins. There were
a few rumours going around, but I
didn’t know anything, so when I went
to Longfield I was a bit awestruck by
the place. But I knew the bait we used
and the way we fished to tight beds of
bait in the middle. We were fishing
tram lines out in the middle – tight
beds on little spots that we worked
hard to find. I knew I would catch
them out of Longfield.
I think the first thing Rob said to me
was, “You ain’t gonna catch nothing
like that.” He couldn’t even walk into
my swim because the floor was covered with big 22 to 26mm fishmeals.
He was a bit shocked at what he saw
and he didn’t know what they were.
They were like little oily bombs,
which the carp loved, and I think the
next morning I proved Rob wrong
when I caught one. But he caught one
as well; he caught a 30 off the top.
Rob: Terry went on to have a great
success at Longfield, landing seven or
eight fish including Jack, which I
never caught, so maybe I should have


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