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Big Carp Now and Then
waited until after the New
Year festivities were over
before contacting a few of my
‘old mates’ about the 200th
i s s u e. I w a n t e d t o p u t
together a piece for this milestone edition that featured as many
as possible who had had their lives
changed by Big Carp in some way.
For some of them it had been the
springboard to launch their names
into the carp fishing world, and by
writing their first ever articles for their
unsuspecting audience they soon
became household names. Surely
none of them could have imagined
that in a few short years these articles
would make them ‘superstars’ with,
dare I say it, ‘hero status’ for some of
them... Yes, Big Carp has a lot to
answer for!
As an advertising vehicle it has
always been second to none. It might
not always have had the largest circulation, but that is immaterial, for if a
manufacturer got the readers and
writers of Big Carp to use their gear
(usually the top angler on any lake) it
isn’t long before everyone is using
that product... Mind you, it’s got to be
a good product for the Big Carp group
to use it and endorse it in the first
place. So if it’s ‘credibility’ you are
looking for then there has only ever
been one place to advertise your gear
– BC. Looking back over the past 23
years I’ve lost count of the number of
manufacturers and shops that made
their names in Big Carp. So a quick
email to my old mates (below) and
here’s what they had to say... Thanks
lads – I knew I could count on you all.
My first mid-twenty, 1972, caught on crust, of course.
Now and Then
– Terry Hearn
I used to really look forward to reading Big Carp back in the day. Other
than the inspirational articles from
big fish anglers like Wayne Dunn,
Dave Mallin, Terry Pethybridge etc, I
used to love reading through the
catch reports section in the back of
the mag. There were only one or two
other mags about back then, but
when it came to the big fish waters of
the day, venues like Wraysbury, Yateley, Taplow etc, it was Rob who had
his finger on the pulse and it used to
show in those reports.
I always remember all the fuss surr o u n d i n g Fo x P o o l w h e n i t w a s
announced that it was going to be
My first forty common, braced with a thirty mirror, caught on the mag-aligner, of
shut to fishing to make way for building development. I think the rumour
at the time was that it was going to
be concreted over and a big supermarket was going to be built in its
place, and so in the following Fox Pool
catch report Rob simply wrote that
there was “plenty of skateboarding
going on...”. In his own unique way
Rob would always manage to bring a
smile and a laugh to the reader’s face.
Of course, nowadays it’s all about
Facebook and Twitter, and I’m sure
that to those that use these social
networking sites it’s the best thing
since sliced bread. I’m not so sure

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