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Big Carp Now and Then
foray in the carp fishing business. Rob
was one of the first consultants that I
knew of. He was with Nash, and all
these years later that’s who I am now
with! Kevin Nash was one of the first
to make carp gear available to everyone, as of course before that we still
made much of it for ourselves or used
things such as camping tents. What a
difference it is all these years later
when literally everything you want is
available somewhere. In a way it is a
little bit of a shame, as part of the fun
was making our own baits and bits
and pieces, but then again I’m probably looking through rose-tinted
glasses a bit there!
The carp fishing business may
have changed dramatically since the
first issue of Big Carp, as have the
baits and rigs, but many things have
also been consistent. I’m still friends
with Rob and all the guys, and we are
still out there doing it. Joan and I still
live in the Colne Valley, and we are
still fishing Cassien every year – in
fact that’s a nice way to finish up, as
in 1987 I caught a 61lb 8oz mirror at
Cassien, and in all these years I had
never managed to get a bigger one
from there, but on my most recent trip
I banked a 63lb 8oz common and 64lb
8oz mirror! It just shows that if you
keep plugging away you can get
there in the end!
Now and Then
– Julian Cundiff
First of all, a big “Congratulations” to
Rob Maylin and all those that contributed to getting Big Carp to edition
200. Believe me, having seen many
magazines come and go, and come
and go, that 200th issue is something
to be very proud of... In fact (and Rob
may correct me), I think he has edited
a carp magazine continuously for the
longest time ever. I have not been a
regular contributor to Big Carp, but
the ones I was in I was very proud of,
and I have kept them in my special
collection. Not only did I have a number of articles printed in the early
days, but I used to appear regularly in
the catch reports when Rob first
started including them.
The early Big Carp issues really
raised the bar when it came to new
ideas and new writers and ALL magazines thereafter had to improve their
content. I know when I was editing
the Carp Society magazine, Carp
Fisher, I used to envy the connections
that Rob had. In fact he knew a lot of
people I certainly didn’t, and I ended
up persuading many of them to write
for us. The magazine has been a
who’s who at times, and when I look
at those early editions with Zenon
and Co in them, I still feel that that era
was the golden era of writing… But
that’s probably because I am an old
b*****d now having turned 50 in January of this year...
Rob Maylin may not be a lot older
than me, and we started to bring out
our books around the same time, but I
am happy to admit that his writings
have always been high in my ratings.
The early books such as ‘Tiger Bay’

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