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Big Carp Now and Then
and ‘Fox Pool’ are just as good now as
they were when they came out, and
although I don’t often take books with
me, if I do, those are often in my barrow bag... In fact one of my favourite
books in recent years has been the
‘Rob Maylin - Big Carp Legends’ book
where he really dishes the nitty gritty
on those eras. The stuff he couldn’t
print is in this book, and it’s a cracker.
Check it out if you haven’t already,
and no, I didn’t scrounge a copy; I
bought mine and that is rare!
I was very proud when Carp-Talk
inducted me into the ‘Carp Fishing
Hall Of Fame’ and the first person to
congratulate me was the one and
only Rob Maylin himself – a rightful
entry in it himself. Having my picture
taken with him and Tim Paisley made
me feel very proud indeed.
So without further ado, well done
Rob, well done Bountyhunter, and
well done Big Carp. You inspired me
then, you inspire me now, and long
may our paths cross at all the conferences we are at. We survived our ups
and downs, the good times and bad
times, the good women and the bad
ones. Now that would make a great
book... but maybe not publishable...
Now and Then
– Ben Lofting
My first double – 12lbs 14oz.
1990 was a very eventful year and
could be remembered for many
England came together as a nation
and cheered in unison as the boys
restored some pride in those famous
three lions. They fell painfully short on
penalties in the semi-finals against
our old foes, the Germans. The game
was probably best remembered for
Gazza’s tears. France and England
were joined together by the Channel
Tunnel making it possible to walk
from one country to the other for the
first time since the ice age. We bid
farewell to ‘The Iron Lady’ and said
hello to John Major. Madonna was
making strange shapes around her
head and singing her way to more
chart success with her hit ‘Vogue’.
And, perhaps most noticeably for me
at the age of twelve, Pamela Anderson
bounced on to our screens for the first
time in Baywatch.
I would like to say that all of these
events were surpassed by the coming
of Big Carp Magazine, but Pamela
Anderson in that red swimming costume… Wow! As a twelve-year-old,
carp fishing meant adventure, exploration and, ultimately, fun… lots and
lots of fun. It was a big year for me as
I caught my first double that year. I
had been introduced to fishmeal
boilies and my good friend and carpfishing mentor, Paul Rogers, had
taught me the wonder of tying rigs.
No more would I tie a size 2 straight
on to the end of the mainline. Now I
was armed with a size 8 Super Specialist tied onto some white dental
floss, and I would be using a hair for
the first time. How could I fail? Well I
did. Lots of times! But I caught a few
that year from a lake called Lake
Meadows in Billericay, Essex. By the
end of 1990 I had learnt an immeasurable amount and had upped my personal best to 18lbs 3oz.
People used to talk about catching
twenty pounders like it was almost an
impossibility. Matching rods were
uncommon, and anyone in our little
group who had managed either of
these things were definitely a ‘cut
above’! Shimano had recently
brought out the new Baitrunner,
which was an updated version of the
old Sea Spin, and so the ultra cult carp
angler of the day would have two of
t h o s e, m o u n t e d o n S p o r t e x o r
I upped my PB to 18lbs 3oz.

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