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Big Carp Now and Then
Now and Then
– Dave Lane
200 issues of Big Carp magazine –
wow, that’s a lot of magazines, but,
more importantly, it makes me realise
just how long I have been writing
about carp fishing. My first ever article was published in the fourth edition of the magazine, the one with
Steve Allcott on the cover sporting a
fantastic Technicolor T-shirt. Mind
you, I appear inside with my first ever
forty-pounder and I’m dressed in a
hideous pink number, so I guess it
was before the days of the ‘Realtree
revolution’. That was 196 issues ago,
which, because the mag started out
as six per year before turning
monthly, actually equates to 23 years
ago. It certainly doesn’t feel that long
ago, but the mirror in my hallway is
nodding its head in agreement. If it
weren’t for the seven years’ bad luck,
I’d soon wipe the smile off its face!
I suppose in a lot of ways that first
article was a bit of a launch pad for
me. It was well received (or so Rob
told me anyway), and it gave me the
confidence to write a few more, and
now look at me. I have gone from
scribbling the odd few lines on the
blank back pages of old electricity
bills to my present situation where I
actually make a living out of it. In fact
I recently had to upgrade my computer to an all-singing and dancing
version with two terabytes of storage
Back in the day – me and Fat Sam.
Nice shirt.
to house all the various folders and
photos that I have accrued over the
ensuing years. Back then I would
have taken a wild guess that a terabyte was some sort of exotic tortoise
with big teeth!
Those halcyon days of the early Big
Carp magazine were filled with a
thirst for knowledge; everything was
s t i l l n e w, z i g r i g s w e r e n o t y e t
invented, innovative tackle was often
home-made and bait was something
you made yourself rather than merely
picked off the shelf. Every issue of a
magazine was eagerly awaited in
case it imparted a gem of valuable
information that would transform
your carp fishing, and, quite often,
that would be exactly the case.
Nowadays, although we are all still
learning, it is at a much slower rate,
and the methods of sharing information have become many and instantaneous, so much so that it’s now hard
to keep a secret even if you wanted
Carp fishing has been kind to me
over the years since Rob first decided
to launch this magazine though. I
might still be sticking Artex over ceilings if it wasn’t for the expansion of
this industry that I now earn my living
from. I have had to work hard at getting to the position I now find myself
in, but a large percentage of that has
been as a result of the hobby that I
love so dearly, and I am more than
aware that there are not many people
who can say that about their jobs. So,
If I could travel back in time and span
those 23 years knowing then what I

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