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Big Carp Now and Then
Stunning fully-scaled Berkshire mirror that fell to surface tactics.
into books, a dedicated weekly carp
column, television programmes,
videos and even a range of tackle that
bore my name. How on earth did that
happen? I only wanted to catch a few
carp and share some experiences.
The rollercoaster undoubtedly took
me along for the ride. I have had a
wonderful time and I hope this will
continue for many years to come. It
has certainly been fascinating to now
be able to stand back and see how
carp fishing has developed beyond all
recognition even in my own lifetime.
When I first started fishing for these
remarkable creatures, I had very few
waters available that I could target,
let alone have an opportunity of
catching one of ten, twenty or even
thirty pounds. One of the greatest
revolutions has been that these days
anyone who wants to set their stall
out for a large carp can now do so.
Day ticket, club and syndicate waters
continue to expand and thrive whilst
the carp just get bigger and bigger.
Who knows where it will all end?
Hopefully it won’t. For me now it’s all
about the look of the fish not the
pounds and ounces and the way that
I want to catch them. These days my
favourite methods are stalking and
floater fishing. Eyeball to eyeball contact with these iconic fish still sends a
shiver down my spine.
The carp is undoubtedly the fish of
our time and unlikely to be unsurpassed by any other species. Truly
worthy of its title ‘king carp’.
Now and Then
– Lee Jackson
Crikey, doesn’t time fly? It seems like
it was only a few years ago that I was
reading the first edition of Big Carp. I
remember it like it was yesterday, and
remember how much I was looking
forward to the next edition. It always
amazes me how quickly time passes,
yet waiting two minutes for some-
thing to cook in a microwave oven
seems to take forever.
When I think back, I had an article
published in one of the early issues
that documented the first ever carp
fishing video that I took part in, The
Carp Experience video that was
filmed at Chalet Lake at Metz in
France along with Max Cottis and
producer Andy Nicholson. For the
youngsters out there reading this, I’d
better explain, because I’m fairly certain that DVD discs weren’t even
invented back then. A video was like
a giant cassette tape – umm, a cassette tape? A cassette tape was the
predecessor of a CD and had music
recorded onto it, whereas a video cassette was used for recording film onto
– umm, forget it… better change the
subject now otherwise I might start
getting asked what the difference
between a Betamax player and a the
latest iPad is, and I haven’t got a clue.
Well, that first ever carp fishing
film/video, call it what you like, led to
me becoming involved in a lot of
other carp fishing film footage in the
years that followed, as well as television appearances on Sky and suchlike, all of which I have enjoyed taking
part in, even though there was a few
disasters along the way.
1990 was only a few years after
Carp and captor – still going strong all these years later.

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