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Big Carp Now and Then
(Above) Carp-Talk No 1 – first
published opening week of the 1994
(Above right) This nice 25lb mirror
from Elstow was caught while
filming for one of my floater fishing
videos in the mid 1990s.
(Below left) Red Letter Days book
with Bernard Venables and yours
(Below right) “I made one single cast
into Redmire with a controller and
mixer hookbait.”
it became known at the time, Fox
Pool. I’d been at a number of the netting attempts throughout the months
leading up to the final de-watering of
the pit. The carp proved to be incredibly difficult catch with nets (as they
did with rod and line!), but in August
with little water left to be pumped
out, all but one of the bigger carp
were moved to nearby Horton Church
Lake. When they captured the bulk of
the carp I was away in Germany
working and missed it all. A day or
two after the completion of the netting I flew home and my wife picked
me up from Heathrow Airport. We
made a detour and stopped at Longfield. No one was there and the water
was almost nonexistent. We sat on
the bank and I remember thinking
that this really was the end of this
quite amazing fishery and felt sad.
In the Heart of the Action
Living at Frimley in the Blackwater
Valley at the time, I fished at the
Leisure Sport Frimley venue. This was
before the building of the Blackwater
Valley relief road (A331) and in those
days there were a total of 13 pits to
fish, of which seven pits were situated on the other side of the railway
line adjacent to Frimley Station,
which were lost to the building of the
road. I managed some lovely commons from these pits close to the station to a smidgen under 20lb. All the

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