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Big Carp Now and Then
are nearly 25 years down the line celebrating the fact that Rob has not
only kept the mag going, but it’s flourishing! Of course the growth of the
sport has left many of us “old hands”
hankering for the good old days for
many reasons, but I’ll not dwell on the
many negatives of the current scene
because this is meant to be a positive
contribution and a celebration.
Personally, I have gone from a fishing mad child to near middle age. I’ve
built a career from the sport I love, and
I have Rob to thank for that, as it was
in Big Carp that I wrote my first ever
article – the first of many thousands
in the intervening years. I got married
to my amazing wife Rachel and
started a family, and angling has
enabled me to buy my own home and
pay the bills. Who’d have thought
Well that leaves only one thing
to say... Here’s to the next 25 years
of Big Carp!
my favourite Rod Hutchinson flavours
in all my concoctions, and the satisfaction of taking a new mix down to
the lake is something that I do miss.
Tackle companies have come on in
leaps and bounds and yet there are
new original products coming out
every year to make certain jobs simpler. I believe we still have a long way
to go. In those days the nights
seemed to last so long, and I think
that was down to the (lack of) equipment we used so it was a real
endurance test to make it though to
morning. I think of those rainy nights
with the end of my blue bedchair covered with a bin liner sticking out of
the end of the brolly, and the slightest
bit of wind sending it all flying. Or
even worse was when you moved
sharply to get comfortable and it collapsed, leaving you lying flat in the
The biggest change for me is the
Internet. The availability of information or the location of big fish waters
that only the carp angling elite would
previously be privy to is now out
there for everybody. Up to date information regarding captures has
invented a breed of Internet anglers,
and with them inevitably (and unfortunately) came the trolls.
What hasn’t changed is the negative reputation carpers have among
other forms of angling and also the
bitterness from within the carping
community when somebody does
well. I guess that this is down to the
levels of passion that we all have for
our hobby, as we all want to be on
that lake hunting those elusive fish.
Best wishes Rob, and here’s to
another 25 years! n
Now and Then
– Jamie Clossick
The most obvious thing that has
changed since 1990 is the absence
of hair in any of my pictures! Seriously though, so much has changed.
There were very few purpose made
carp tackle items. I remember the
introduction of the Happy Hooker
holdall that enabled us to pack our
rods away made up! While it is taken
for granted now, threading those
pesky eyes each time with cold hands
and packing them down each session
was an extra chore that I didn’t like. It
was common to make your own baits
in those days, and I remember using

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