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A Long Time Winter Ambition Achieved
ello once again.
Firstly I want to
congratulate Rob
on this, the 200th
edition of Big Carp.
achievement Rob, and I take my hat
off to you for keeping the magazine
going through the tough times as well
as the good. I truly hope that you continue to produce a quality magazine
every month and things go from
strength to strength. Well done,
Right, I do have a couple of captures from Marcus Howarth again this
month, but instead of showing them
at the start of my diary, I’m going to
include them along the way, as they
coincided with a session I did with
him and the photos will fit in with the
When I left you at the end of my last
diary I had just finished a 48-hour session in the Gate over on Sutton, and
from there I headed down to Roach
Pit to have a look at the place and if it
looked good do a couple of nights on
there. On arriving I had a walk round
and was shocked to see just how high
the water was. The levels were up a
good couple of feet, and the top end of
the lake around the Lawn area was
totally underwater. The Lawn, Willows and Day swims were unfishable.
A lot of the other swims’ platforms
were underwater but still fishable,
and after a good look about and seeing nothing, I ended up going in 35
and doing a couple of nights in there.
I thought that there was a good
chance that they would be on the end
of the warm southwesterly that had
been blowing, but it was just a though
as I hadn’t actually seen anything to
confirm this.
I did the two nights in there before
heading home without so much as a
knock or sighting. However, Friday
afternoon and night I was proven that
I had totally got it wrong when the
top end of the channel, in peg 22,
three carp came out to one angler –
Friendly’s Mirror, Big Tail and the Big
Lin all graced the bank, but sadly I
wasn’t there to witness them. Coops
dropped in behind the guy the following night and had a recapture of Thick
Wrist, and with that it looked as
though the warm weather had woken
the Roach Pit carp up early. Since that
48 hours though nothing more has
been out despite the lake getting a
few people fishing it on a regular
The following Monday, I headed off
up north to the Sticky factory for a
couple of days as there were a few
things that needed to be discussed,
and it was easier to go up there and
talk rather than try and do it over the
phone. It also gave me the opportunity to check the place out and see
how things are done. I have to say I
was more than impressed with the
setup that Tom and Craig run and to
see the range of ingredients and the
quality of just what actually goes into
the bait. I can see why both The Krill
and the Vor-tex catch what they do. I
also got to go and see Gary of Custom
Reels UK, as he is a good friend of
(Above) Just a little of what Custom
Reels UK can do.
(Bottom) Back in the Gate on Sutton.
Tom’s and I’ve seen a few of the reels
that he has rebuilt and customised for
people. The amount of interest that he
has had since he posted a picture up
on the Sticky Baits Facebook page is
amazing. I have also given him a couple of sets of reels to do his magic on,
and I can’t wait to see them once they
are done.
If I can just say this though… Gaz
has had a bit of stick on Facebook
over the last couple of months for not
getting back to people quickly
enough for their liking, but if you saw
the amount of messages he gets you
can see why. If he answered them all
then he wouldn’t get any work done,
so cut the guy some slack and bear
with him. He’ll get back to you just as
soon as he can, but getting reel orders
out is the priority at the minute.
I got back from Hull late on the
Tuesday evening, but Wednesday late
morning I headed back off to Sutton
to get a session in. I decided to go
back in the Gate, put another load of
hemp out and fish the same spots as I
had before. One Vor-tex pop-up and
one snowman rig were cast to the
spots with around half a kilo of Vortex freebies, and then after setting up
home, I got a much needed coffee on
the go. Just as had happened on the
last Sutton session, I had a bream
early evening, but then the rest of the
session remained dead, just as it had
before. I really thought the bream
would have got on the hemp and then
maybe a carp or two would have
come and investigated it, but it just

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