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A Long Time Winter Ambition Achieved
didn’t happen. I started to wonder
whether the open water was the right
thing to be doing and decided that
when I returned on Monday I would
perhaps fish a different approach.
Well, Monday I spent a fair amount
of the morning wandering round Sutton hoping to see a sign of life, but
after a few hours of nothingness I had
to make a decision whether to give it
another go in the Gate or try something else and fish another area. I
eventually opted to give the Beach a
go and just fish short off the front of
the hangers, so after returning to the
van and getting my kit I got a couple
or rigs tied and looked at getting the
rods out. The left rod saw a multi rig
with a white chocolate pop-up
attached and the right rod saw a
snowman rig with a double Vor-tex
hookbait. A dozen or so 16mm freebies were then scattered round each
I didn’t expect to see anything to
be honest, as going by the last couple
of sessions things were quiet, but less
than a couple of hours after getting
the rods out a carp rolled bang on
over my left rod. As I sat there watching the rod in the hope of it bursting
into life, I saw the line flicker and pull
slightly tight before falling slack
again. I was convinced that suddenly
I was in with a decent shout, and that
any minute now was going to get a
take. Ten minutes later I did get that
take, but as soon as I picked the rod
up I knew I had got a bloody bream
on, and also that my chance of a carp
bite had just been buggered up. After
dealing with the fish, I sharpened up
a new hook, replaced it, and then
carefully and with as little disturbance as possible I got the rig back in
place. The rest of the day was quiet
though, so just on dark I put a few
baits out around the left rod and then
settled in for the night.
Nothing happened for the next 24
hours, but at 8.20 the following
evening I saw a fish roll about 15
yards out just beyond the right rod.
An hour later I saw another roll, this
time slightly further left and further
out towards the Dead Tree swim. The
balance of the session was quiet
though, and before I knew it I had
done my 48 hours and needed to get
packed up.
From Sutton I headed off down
towards Ringwood and to the Southern Club Water. Snow had been forecast, and with how well the pit had
been fishing of late I felt there could
be a chance of eventually fulfilling a
lifelong ambition and go catch myself
a snow carp. On arrival there was no
one on, and as on my last visit I’d has
a few from the deeper water I decided
to head back to that area. I had the
spots written down in my diary from
before, so after walking out the rods
and clipping them up, I put both out
on the same spot – one as a pop-up
with a 16mm Pineapple and N’Butyric
yellow on the multi rig and the other
as a snowman with a 20mm Vor-tex
bottom bait tipped with a 16mm
pineapple. Once the rods were out I
then spombed out 3kg of mixed 16
and 20mm Vor-tex free offerings out
in a spread area over the hookbaits. A
lot of you will think that’s too much
bait for a winter session, but I knew
that the place had been doing fish,
that they were all slightly down in
weight and I thought they could be
hungry. Because of this I thought that
if I could give them an easily
digestible food then I could get something going and I could have a few
Well the first night was quiet
although I did hear a fish go over not
far off the baited area. At 5.25am I
was woken by liners on both rods and
this continued for around five minutes. At 8am I had a bream off the left
pop-up rod and then a couple of hours
later I had another one, again off the
same rod. Throughout the day it
remained quiet, and just before dark
Marcus turned up and dropped in
next door to me for a couple of nights
(Top) Next session saw me in the
Beach over on Sutton.
(Left) Yet another stunning Southern
Club Lake sunset.

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