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A Long Time Winter Ambition Achieved
for a social. He also knew the snow
was coming and knew that there
would also be a good chance of a
snow carp. After getting a takeaway
we both sat in my bivvy chatting
about how, if we played our cards
right, we could both have snow carp
in the morning. At around 1am I tried
to get my head down. The night was
quiet but I couldn’t sleep, and as I sat
there, around 3.30am it started to
s n o w. I m u s t h a v e n o d d e d o f f
because the next thing I knew one of
my Nevilles woke me up. It was the
right rod this time, and as I got out to
hit the rod I realised that it had been
snowing quite hard and there was
quite a covering.
To be honest I was convinced that
I would probably have another bream
on, but as soon as I picked the rod up
I knew that what was attached was a
carp. It was still dark and yet with the
snow covering the ground and the
reflection of it in the sky it actually
looked quite light. After a short scrap
I soon had a decent common in the
(Top) The following morning I awoke
to this.
(Below) Ambition achieved – 27lb
8oz of snow carp.
net. I couldn’t believe it; my ambition
had finally been achieved and I was
going to get snow pictures at long
last. Marcus had heard the commotion and arrived in the swim to see
this mid 20, dark old common sitting
in the bottom of my net, and he could
also see I was buzzing.
I weighed the fish and at 27lb 8oz,
and I was absolutely over the moon.
We decided to keep the fish in the net
until it was light enough to do a few
decent pictures, as it was now almost
light and it wouldn’t be that long in
there. I got the rod back out and
topped the spot up with a further kilo
of Vor-tex and with that done I got the
kettle on. As I sat there with a coffee
the snow continued to fall and all I
hoped for now was for Marcus to get
a bite and for him to catch too. Just
after light I had another take on the
right rod but this turned out to be a
bream. With that put back and after
getting the rod back out, I got the mat
and camera ready to do the pictures

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