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A Long Time Winter Ambition Achieved
(Above) I was made up, really I was…
(Below) The snow was getting
heavier all the time we were
photographing the fish.
of the fish that was quite happily sitting in the bottom of the net.
Just as we were about to get the
fish out to do the pictures Marcus had
a take on his right rod, and after a few
minutes he soon had himself a carp
too, which turned out to weigh 23lb
8oz. He also left the fish in the margins in his net while he got his stuff
sorted for some pictures, and it was
while he was doing that his other rod
only went and ripped off! Soon there
was another carp sitting in his net
along with the 23, and as you can
expect, he was buzzing because not
only was Marcus getting snow pictures, but he was getting them with
two carp – something I don’t recall
ever seeing before.
After a bit of thought, it was
decided that I would get pictures of
my fish first. We would then add Marcus and have a double shot of me
with the 27 and him with the 23. I
would then return mine and Marcus
would get the other fish, which for the
record weighed 18lb 6oz, and then he
could have a double snow shot with
his. Fortunately while all this was
going on, a mate of Marcus’s had
turned up and he did the shots of the
pair of us, but for the rest of the pictures we took each other’s.
Everything went smoothly and the
pictures came out well. I was now a
little concerned though about the
weather, as during all this the snow
hadn’t stopped and was getting
thicker. I had spoken to Coops as he
was heading to Roach Pit in hope of a
snow fish from there. He had told me
the roads were crap, and that
although he had a 4x4 it had still
taken him ages to get to the lake and
he had passed a few vehicles in
With that info I opted to call things
a day and head for home, as I was
sure it was going to take me a fair
while. In hindsight though, I should
have stayed there for another night,
as the lake did a further six fish to
other anglers that had arrived
throughout Friday and Saturday, and I
could have had more fish myself. I
couldn’t complain though, and I was
made up with the result that both
Marcus and I had gone and had.
I had planned to get over to Sutton
on the Monday, but unfortunately the

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