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A Long Time Winter Ambition Achieved
An even rarer brace shot in the snow – 23 and an 18.
lake froze over the weekend, and so
with that happening I headed back off
to the Southern Club Lake in the hope
of a few more fish, as Marcus had said
it wasn’t frozen. It was also my birth-
day on the Wednesday, and with Marcus coming down for a few nights I
planned to have a social and also
have a night in the local pub. This
never happened though, as I woke
With the lake thawed I was back over at Sutton, and this time I was in the Close
Tuesday morning feeling as rough as
anything. I was coming down with
what I thought was just a cold, but as
time went on I felt worse and worse.
To make matters even worse I had no
carp, but got plagued by the bloody
bream; in fact I ended up with 13 of
them! I called it a day in the end and
headed home, as all I wanted to do
was relax in my house.
After a few days at home I was
back out, and late morning Monday I
arrived back on Sutton. I had received
a text from Colin letting me know that
the lake had thawed over the weekend, so although I still felt like shit, I
just had to be there. As I was walking
round, I stopped and had a look from
the Twins, and as I was stood there I
heard what sounded like a fish go
over just down to my right. As I
quickly looked down the margin, I
saw what was the tail end of a carp
re-enter the water, and despite a
strong wind, I could still see ripples
coming from the spot, which was just

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