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A Long Time Winter Ambition Achieved
left of the Close In. I immediately
decided to drop in there for the night
and see what happened.
I dropped a couple of rigs short just
off the treeline; one pop-up and one
bottom bait, and then threw about 20
baits over each spot. Hookbaits were
a 12mm Buchu Berry pop-up on a
multi rig and a Pineapple and N’Butyric critically balanced bottom bait.
Well, once again the session passed
quietly, and other than a bloody
bream each night and the fish I saw
when I was walking round when I
first arrived on the lake, I didn’t see
48 hours later I was packing up and
heading over to Suttons No. 3 Lake
just for a night, as I had things
planned for Friday, and I didn’t want
to do a long 300-mile round trip to
Ringwood just for an overnighter. The
night on 3 was a disaster though, as
nothing occurred, and to make matters worse, when I reeled in the following morning to head home not
one but both rigs were snagged up on
A quick overnighter on Sutton 3 was eventless.
line that was out in the lake! I did get
both of my rigs back intact, but it was
that I couldn’t retrieve the line in the
lake that was causing the problem.
All in all a waste of a night’s fishing
really, but hey ho, this happens at
That’s it for this month. It’s been a
Day Ticket Carp Fishery
tough one, mainly due to the weather,
but I’m made up with my first snow
carp. Hopefully I’ll have something
from Sutton over the next month as
well as something from either the
Southern Lake or Roach Pit, depending on where I end up. Only time will
tell. Till next time… n
French Holiday Destination
28lb 14oz
Ghost common
France’s premier runs water
07810 710 880
Angler: Lofty Speed
Capture date: 21st April 2017
L: 01270 812929
M: 07747 007669
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