freeline-28 - Page 168

Big Carp Legends - Mike Wilson
other products as well that were
returned to the store because they
were out of their sell by dates or perhaps partially thawed, so I’d get a call.
I’d told him I wanted sweetcorn in
vast quantities and he’d phone me up
and say I’d better get over there as he
had loads which were about to be
It was in Honeypot Lane in Stanmore, and I’d drive over there and fill
the car with sweetcorn. I bought a
second hand freezer for about a fiver,
an old chest freezer, which we put in
the garage. I used to fill it up with
sweetcorn until I couldn’t put the lid
down, and yet I still had a load over,
so I’d take it down and put it in the
lake in every swim I could. I noticed
there was quite a lot of activity when
I piled it out in certain swims and on
fishing later had super catches.
I can’t remember what year that
was, but the next year I wasn’t doing
so well on the sweetcorn. I’d watched
the fish spook off. Was it the colour or
flavour? Now I’d read an article about
using banana... It was a guy who said
had the bulk of his fish on bits of
Clive Dietrich.
they reacted to that movement as if
they were being fed. That again had
impressed me, and thought; well perhaps, just perhaps it’s possible to
train these fish at Savay. Then I read
that there was one famous pond, I
think in Wells, Somerset where they
used to ring a bell and the fish would
come. Well, I think it was for the
swans, but the fish would come as
well, and then they’d feed them. So I
thought, I could probably train these
fish providing I could put enough food
out. But I’d got 68 acres of Savay,
which is a bit big, so how the hell
would I do it there?
So forgetting the bell – it was a case
of using sweetcorn. At that time I’d
caught a fair few carp on it, and
caught on other waters too, there’s no
doubt it was a cracking bait.
It was a case of getting hold of a
quantity of it, but that was a problem
with little money. However, one of the
committee members on one of the
clubs, I’ve got a feeling it might have
been The Conservative Club, was a
buyer for Bejams, which used to be
called Bird’s Eye. He used to get a lot
of products, not necessarily corn, but
A leathery Savay carp from the late 1970s.

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