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Big Carp Legends - Mike Wilson
banana initially, but he didn’t; he
caught them on bread and, as I found
out later, banana floats. Anyway, I
thought, well, banana is quite an
interesting flavour. I was now working at Rockware Glass and was supplying various bottles to companies.
One of the companies did flavourings,
so I went down and bought a load of
banana flavour, which was quite bitter actually. I boiled up sweetcorn
with banana flavour and put sugar
with it. It’s interesting that up until
then I had never heard of anglers
flavouring their baits.
I had read a scientific paper about
dextrorotatory and laevorotatory
reactions. Laevorotatory meant the
molecules would move to the left,
dextrorotatory meant to the right. I
don’t understand it fully, but dextrorotatory molecules are found in synthetic products whilst laevorotatory
was found in natural products. I’d also
read about fish detecting laevorotatory chemicals (it may have been Dr.
Loeb I think, that might well have
been one of his papers), so I had to
More Billingsgate.
A lovely leather, which made the front cover of Specialist
Angler magazine. Photo taken by Len Arbery.
A big Italian carp, late 1970s.

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