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Big Carp Legends - Mike Wilson
invert the sugar which is a processed
product and therefore synthetic.
Well I found you can invert sugar
quite easily by mixing a light acid
with it.
The best acid was citric acid, so I
added a little bit of citric acid with the
sugar and banana flavouring and
boiled it up. When I first did it, it stank
of bananas and it was far too strong,
and never had a fish on it. Then I
reduced the banana flavouring until it
was virtually not there. I’d boil it up
rinse the sweetcorn and put it in the
tub. Then I’d put the lid on, leave it an
hour and take it off, and you could just
about smell the banana.
Well, I started catching a lot more
fish, but still wasn’t baiting as heavily
as I subsequently did. What happened was that it’s almost as though
the sweetcorn fell away in its attractiveness, but once I flavoured it, it
went back up again, which I found
quite interesting, but did notice that
results started to tail off over a year.
Now I’m just trying to get the timing
right. I think I met Clive Dietrich
about 1978, something like that, but I
was catching a lot of carp then, and
multiples were quite common – two,
three, four or even five 20s in a sitting...
It was incredible because you’d
pick up the Angling Times in those
days and a 20lb carp was headline
news. I started seeing odd pictures of
Kevin Maddocks with 20lb+ carp –
again headline news. I never published anything due to the Publicity
Ban and by then I was Hon. Sec. of
Ruislip and couldn’t break the rules
even if I wished.
I thought about trying to join the
British Carp Study Group but got
turned down by Peter Mohan, they
didn’t believe it.
Chris Ball came and interviewed
me and we talked about carp fishing
and results which I, of course, held
back due to the ‘No Publicity’ rule the
club had but was subsequently
turned down. A couple of years later,
after we set up the Carp Society, I
spoke to Chris about being turned
down who said that Peter just didn’t
believe me. I replied by saying that he
never asked to see the pictures which
were in the boot my car; anyway,
that’s another story. n

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