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The Gnarly Pit
for a few hours’ kip. I wanted to be up
at dawn.
At just after first light one of my
rods was away and I was into a fish.
This turned out to be a mirror of just
into the twenties, a right character of
a fish. I was well pleased; I’d only
been cast out a few hours and with
night casts too. I secured the fish in
the net and walked round to get
Dickie. Once at his swim I noticed he
was up. He didn’t even remember me
coming round the night before. I
asked him to come and do the honours, but he was going nowhere until
he’d had a brew. Fair enough, so I
pulled my cup out of my pocket so I
could join in.
After a short while we made our
way to the Royal Box and did a few
snaps of the dumpy little character.
After it went home, Dickie was stood
leaning out off the boards straining to
hear something. It was probably a
train at the station, we agreed. “Don’t
you hate it when your swim is unattended every bloody noise sounds like
The Kinky Back Common.
a buzzer?” Dickie commented.
“No, mate,” I said. “That is your
With that we both ran as fast as we
could, me not with quite as much
intent as Dickie, to his swim in the
Dugout. Once I reached his swim,
Dickie already had his rod bent double as the fish had found sanctuary
behind a bar no doubt. I felt bad and
kept apologising – if it wasn’t for me
he would have been attended and not
the other way round! After a bit of
pulling, he got the whole lot moving
and ended up netting an upper double mirror. We still took a few pics, as
we really didn’t have a clue what we
were fishing for and they all counted.
With it being hard to change the
habits of a lifetime I decided to bunk
off the next day too and do another
night. I stayed in my swim but didn’t
have any more action. On the Friday
the wind had got up really strong and
both Dickie and I went for a trot along
the High Bank to see if we could spy
any fish before I headed for home.
Dickie wasn’t sure whether to stay or
go; he was having a Stranglers
moment! We looked over on the South
Point first of all and saw a few fish
coming by right in the margin. This
point is somewhat of a mission to get
to even without any kit, but it certainly did look good.
We then retraced our steps and
reached what we called Barrel Bay,
the scene of the big mirror many
years before, and we spied a few fish.
Odd ones came in close enough for us
to get a look, but two or three stayed
right on the edge of the ripple twenty
or so yards out. One was a big, pale
looking fish. Rich and I were probably,
but not certainly, looking at the big
mirror, but as it was too far out to see
properly, so we couldn’t say for sure.
The crazy thing was there was
another fish with it that wasn’t far off
the same size. There and then we
gave the big mythical sandy mirror
the nickname of Motorhead, just for
our amusement and reference. So
Dickie piped up, “Sunrise wrong side

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