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The Gnarly Pit
Even at 28 it was still a good ‘un for the Old Pit.
on to my mat for a better look. It
didn’t look far off of forty pounds, and
it wasn’t! It also had a strange drop
tail too.
I called Dickie up, and when he
answered he asked if I’d caught. I
said I had a huge common that looked
like it was part ghost with an unusual
drop tail. All I got was, “You spawny
git! That sounds like the Kinky Back
Common.” I couldn’t help but laugh
aloud. He said he’d be there in a few
minutes to come and witness the
capture and do me some pictures. I
was made up. It felt like a long time
since I had caught a real good ‘un,
having been fishing the type of
waters of late that didn’t have big
known fish in them. Most of it was
angling places trying to search for
decent uncaught carp. At the
moment this is what I was enjoying
doing, and it felt good!
To make a point, I had never seen
this fish in the water until it was spin-
ning around my margin with a size six
in its bottom lip, and I only ever saw it
once again in the water in my time on
the lake.
Seeing as the fish looks almost
white in the water with an orange tail
lobe, it proves to me how those other
big ‘myths’ went missing for such
long periods between sightings.
Dickie arrived in my swim with a wry
grin on his face. He said he knew one
of us would get it. I’m glad it was me!
After the pics were done and the fish
was returned, I had a run on my other
rod. It turned out to be one of the real
pasties of about 14lbs.
Just after I had recast that rod
along the far bank next to a small
island, a huge, black head with an
orange underside came out of the
water, side-on to us. It then came out
again straight away, facing away from
us and again heading towards us ll in
one spot. Dickie turned to me and
said right off the bat, “That one was
bigger than old Kinky Back, eh?” It
looked bloody huge, even at a hundred yards away – such an enigmatic
lake. Two hours later, as I was getting
ready to head for home well satisfied,
I had another run. It was another
good ‘un for the pit at 28lbs, and
another common. Instead of dragging
Dickie back round, as he was packing
up too, I did some self takes.
Another point to mention is the
size of the average fish we caught.
That season, between Dickie and me,
we must have caught over forty fish.
We had four over 23lbs, a 24lb mirror
that Dickie caught and the other
three I caught in that March. To say
the bigger fish were thin on the
ground is an understatement! That
March was easily one of the greatest
times I have ever spent on the bank –
good fishing, a magical atmosphere,
great company and two personal best
commons, even if one of them was an
ornamental! n

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