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Enterprise and in the future I would
like to see this running nationally,
making this a part of social care for
more young children. I also see this as
beneficial to others such as adults
with post-traumatic stress disorder as
well as vulnerable people who are
often isolated and lonely but still able
to take part in an activity like fishing.”
Lisa accepted an invitation to
become an Angling Trust Ambassador after receiving support from
Dilip Sarkar, National Enforcement
Manager, and Clive Copeland, Head of
Participation for the Angling Trust,
who were key in getting Lisa through
the initial stages of planning and setting up the enterprise.
Lisa commented: “Dilip and Clive
have been instrumental in getting me
started on a passion that is so close to
my heart. I am excited to be an
Angling Trust Ambassador, my father
was a keen conservationist and
would have massively supported the
work that is being done by the Fishery Enforcement Support Service, Volunteer Bailiffs and Building Bridges
teams in keeping our fish safe from
illegal fishing and theft. I also know
that my father would have been
hugely supportive of the huge
amounts of work the Angling Trust do
in getting more people into fishing as
well as using angling as a force for
Lisa recently attended the final
Fishery Enforcement Workshop in
2019, which are run across six regions
in England each year by the Angling
Trust. These workshops, funded by
English freshwater fishing licence
income, are free to attend and an
essential part of ensuring that anglers
understand the law and enforcement
in relation to illegal fishing and fish
Lisa commented on the workshops:
“John had a thirst to learn about
everything he did. He loved to pass
on knowledge and was passionate
about educating as many people as
possible about fishing. These workshops are vital in making more people
aware of the law around fishery
enforcement and to ensure that we all
can play a role in protecting fish and
fishing for the future.”
Dilip Sarkar MBE, National Enforcement Manager for the Angling Trust
“Nothing before or since has raised
awareness of and popularised angling
as much as the late John Wilson
MBE’s long-running TV series ‘Go
Fishing’. John’s passion, which
18 Big Carp
New Angling Trust Ambassador Lisa Wilson with incoming Chief Executive
Jamie Cook.
underpinned the programme, inspired
generations of anglers. Having retired
abroad, John’s sudden passing in
2018 was an immeasurable loss to
angling. We are incredibly pleased to
w e l c o m e J o h n ’s d a u g h t e r L i s a ,
a b o a r d t h e A n g l i n g Tr u s t a s a n
Ambassador, something I know John
would have wholeheartedly approved
Clive Copeland, Head of Participation for the Angling Trust added:
“I can see no more fitting tribute to
Lisa’s father, the late John Wilson
MBE, than using fishing as a force for
good, something that John was very
passionate about. We are extremely
proud to have Lisa on board as an
ambassador. Her work in establishing
the John Wilson Fishing Enterprise to
use fishing as a positive influence in
society will not only bring more people into fishing but is set to have a
huge impact for thousands of people
in the future. We know from our experience with programmes such as
iCARP, an angling project used to
help treat PTSD in military veterans,
that the benefits are huge and this is
a much-needed approach.”
Jamie Cook, incoming Chief Executive for the Angling Trust and Fish
Legal added:
“Angling is the gateway to the outdoors and can provide young people
with so many skills and opportunities
both on and off the bank. John was a
huge influence on thousands of
anglers including myself as I grew up.
Lisa’s approach here is a fantastic
legacy for John and I am hugely
appreciative to Lisa for her work in
this much needed area.”
Lisa is due to launch the John Wilson Fishing Enterprise in January

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