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Gently and Effectively Clean
Winter Woollies with STORM’s
Merino and Wool Wash
Cleaning woollen items correctly is
key to getting maximum performance
out of them. Whether it’s a technical
merino base layer, thermal beanie hat
or woolly jumper you have, STORM’s
hygienically, yet gently clean your
woollen items to keep them performing better for longer. Technical wool
can become damaged with the wrong
care product, and domestic detergents can be too harsh for delicate
wool items. Furthermore, ingredients
in these detergents are designed to
stay on fabrics after rinsing to give
them a ‘bright clean look’, impairing
their functionality.
Leading cleaning, waterproofing
and aftercare brand STORM offers a
specially formulated cleaner for
merino and heavier woollen items,
which is pH balanced to perfectly suit
and maintain wool. Developed in
partnership with major woollen mills
to maximise the performance and feel
of textile items, STORM’s MERINO
AND WOOL WASH is a low pH treatment that allows for gentle cleaning
of fibres without clogging them;
ensuring they remain soft to the
touch and maintain the intended performance.
The 300ml three wash bottle retails
for just £6:
• pH balanced to care for wool
• Suitable for all merino and heavier
• Maintains a soft feel
• Reduces scratchy fibres
To use shake bottle and pour 100ml
into the detergent compartment.
Wash following garment manufacturer’s care guidelines.
Fo r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n a b o u t
S T O R M ’s M E R I N O A N D W O O L
WASH and to see STORM’s full cleaning, waterproofing and aftercare
range visit n

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