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The Lead-Up to the UK 40-Plus Brace Exclusive
off, and I landed a new PB called Small
Pecs at 38lb 10oz. After this session in
April, I got myself down for two more
days banging out three 20-plus commons.
On the 9th of May, I got myself back
down to the Stour for a few hours
straight from work. The weather was
spot-on, but it turned very quickly,
and the heavens opened! Thinking
what will I do if I get a take in this,
well, my left hand rod melted off.
Once I hit that and started playing
that fish, my right hand rod went off
too. Both fish were landed – one was
a 28lb 12oz long-wristed mirror, and
the other was a 26lb 4oz common.
On the 15th May, the lake was
closed for spawning. I spoke to my
good friend Lee Langer at Etang Baits
to see if he wanted to get me a day
ticked on his water for 24 hours to get
a few bites. He was up for it, so on the
23rd May we got down there straight
after work and started. I ended up
with 19 carp including two at 30lbplus.
So after having a massive haul and
with my syndicate still closed, I
decided I would have a go on my local
Kent club water where there are some
big fish. As this was my first day I’d
fished the lake this year, I took a long
time walking round. I chose a swim,
but not much was happening. I
walked down to the next swim and
saw fish showing opposite. I packed
up and took the 20-minute walk
round the other side of the lake. The
fish were still showing, so I flicked
two rods on them with a couple of
handfuls of boilies. It wasn’t long
before one tore off with a 34lb 10oz
The brace: The next day I thought I
can’t not get back down there after
Big Carp 33

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