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Exclusive The Lead-Up to the UK 40-Plus Brace
having that fish, as they must be up
for feeding, as they still haven’t
spawned yet. Again I walked the lake
not seeing much, so I picked a swim
where I know fish normally hold up
under the tree, but in this case nothing was there. I stuck it out for five
hours, but then the rain came in. As I
was only doing a day session and I
didn’t bring a brolly, I packed up. As I
was walking back to the van, I saw
fish boshing in a corner very close in.
I had one hour remaining before I had
to get home and ready for work, so I
thought, let’s give it a go.
I moved up three swims from
where the fish were showing because
I didn’t want to spook them, and I
chucked out two rods, laying them on
the floor, and put 20 baits over each
rod. After only ten minutes, my left
hand rod melted off. While I was play34 Big Carp

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