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44lb – The Box Mirror Exclusive
s I pulled up in the
car park, I looked
across a flat calm
lake. The weather
was due to get up
to 30 degrees this
trip. The weather certainly was going
to make it hard work indeed. After I
had completed two laps of the lake, I
was still confused as to the fish’s
whereabouts. As I neared a swim I
had fished a few weeks previously, I
noticed five carp cruising through the
crystal clear margins. Further out, I
noticed a few areas of fizzing too. It
was now game on! I dropped the
bucket in the swim and hurriedly
fetched the gear from the car. Luckily
I had my spots already noted down
for the swim. The lake had become
super weedy, making 75 percent of it
unfishable. Spots were few and far
between. It didn’t take long to get the
rods in position. Rig wise I used a
hinge rig comprising of a 20lb N-trap
semi stiff boom, 25lb Mouthtrap and a
size 6 choddy Kamakura. I fished this
on a helicopter setup with a Korda
Kable leadcore leader and a helisafe
clip. Bait-wise, two days prior, I mixed
a bucket of hemp, tigers and Hinders
Mystic plum boilies. Added to this
was copious amount of the Mystic
Plum glug and Chili Hemp oil. I was
very confident in the tactics I was
currently applying, having landed
some very special carp in recent
The night passed by uneventfully,
and I was perched on the bedchair
drinking a coffee. The right rod pulled
up tight as I was staring at the rods. I
was on the rod instantly. I was fishing
locked up due to the severity of the
weed. I was forced to give out 30
yards of line on picking the rod up.
Suddenly, after a bit of grating, it all
came to an abrupt stop. The fish had
well and truly found sanctuary in one
of the many weed beds. I did as I
always do and that is not to panic. I
kept the pressure on the long line and
Big Carp 39

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