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Exclusive 44lb – The Box Mirror
hoped it would start moving. After
what seemed like eternity, I felt some
movement. Suddenly I was gaining
line. I couldn’t feel any kicking from
the fish and expected the worst.
Around 60 yards out, a large weed
bed appeared on the surface. I gradually drew the weed bed closer to my
position within the swim. Around 15
yards out, I noticed a tail lobe sticking
out of the weed. I instantly grabbed
the net and waded out into the lake. I
drew the whole lot over the net and
prayed I had got it right, as there was
40 Big Carp
a lot of weed. Luckily, I had got it
right, as a sudden explosion of water
confirmed the fish was indeed in the
I ripped away at the weed like a
man possessed. I was eager to see my
prize. I was met with a truly stunning
special carp, one that I didn’t recognise as a listed A-team member. It
looked well over 40lb, but I found it
really strange that I didn’t recognise
the carp. I lifted the mirror ashore and
weighed the magnificent carp at 44lb
bang-on. I was lost for words indeed.
I slipped it into the sling and called a
couple of friends to help out with the
pictures. When I unzipped the sling to
do the photos, we were all left in awe,
as this carp was definitely a special
old carp. The fish behaved seriously
well and had its dorsal fin up the
whole time – a very angry male for
sure. After my capture, I found out
that it is an extremely rare fish that
was thought to have died, as it hadn’t
been out in so long. I left the lake with
the biggest smile ever – a true big
carp buzz. n

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