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Yes you did read that title correctly!!!! Big Carp Magazine, just like our
sister magazine Free Line is FREE as of January 2020.
After 30 years of producing the true carp anglers favorite magazine we
decided over Christmas that this was the way forward, the way to
32 The Lead-Up tp
the UK 40-Plus
increase our readership ten-fold and the way to give our advertisers the
huge circulation they already receive from Free Line.
By Robbie Pease
We started Free Line more than two years ago, within a few months
it already had 20,000 email subscribers and now as we publish issue 28
that figure has grown to over 30,000!! this is 10 times the number of
38 44lb – The Box
subscribers Big Carp had. Why? because its FREE of course! Who
doesn't like something for FREE in this day and age?
By Robbie Pease
Free Line showed us what was possible, it showed us the way
forward, it just took us nearly to two years to do what was obvious, to
produce Big Carp FREE each month too!
So, as of January 2020 both Big Carp and Free Line are FREE. You
can access both through the normal web address www.freeline or if you would like to join our 30,000 subscribers who
42 The A Team
By Matthew Swan
52 Targets For
are emailed it the second it becomes available just send your email
The Year
address to and we will put you on the
By Wes Leadbeater
So, to be clear Big Carp is now only available as a digital page
turner and as an App, the same as Free Line, no more paper magazines.
And so to this month’s issue, The UK's Finest and have we got
64 Dreams Really
Do Come True!
By Luke Belton
some cracking carp for you to start the year,
This months cover story is from Robbie Pease and what a brace,
truely a pair of the UK’s Finest. Ryan Hoare joins us this month with
some Monk’s Magic, this water features heavily in Big Carp and no
wonder when you see just what this fishery is producing these days.
Craig Runham took our breath way when he put this fish on the social
media earlier in 2019. The Box Mirror is without doubt one of the finest
72 Monks Magic
By Ryan Hoare
76 Low Stock
carp we have ever laid eyes on. Prolific catcher Mathew Swan steps up
to the plate with The A Team, everyone a peach and Wes Leadbeater
returns with a recap of his Targets For The Year. Luke Belton proves
Dreams Really do Come True and Charlie Cunningham sets of on a
By Charlie
Low Stock Lagoon Campaign. What a line up!
Add to this our usual Carpy News, some great winter reviews,
competitions and much more, its clear to see that the future looks
bright for Big Carp and Free Line in the digital age we now live in.
Have a great New Year everyone and I will see you again next
month as we look at ‘Spring Approach’.
Rob Maylin
Big Carp Promotions
21 Oak Lake
Big Carp Magazine is Now Free!!!

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