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Exclusive The A Team
bait, as I had no idea how much bait
was already in the swim. I headed for
a swim called the Point, which had
previously been kind to me at this
time of year, plus Dan, another member, had just landed a 37 and said he
had seen bigger showing. I set out my
stall and put three Spombs of
chopped Nash Scopex Squid on each
The morning passed uneventfully
for me, but the other end of the lake
had done three bites, so I was starting
to question whether I had made the
right swim choice.
It was not 5pm and all of a sudden
my middle rod sprung into live with
the fish stripping line on what I
though was a tight clutch. The fish
quickly made it to the large bed of
kelp, a feature Monks is full of. Keeping steady pressure and the rod as
high as I could, I managed to ease the
fish through the kelp each second –
heart-stopping stuff.
I eventually managed to get the
fish away from the kelp, making long
runs to my right and then left. As I got
her near the net she kept rolling in the
edge trying to shed the hook. Eventu-
ally, over the net cord she went! I can
honestly say the hardest fighting fish
I had ever caught. I knew she was
close to if not at her top weight, so I
called Mike from a few swims down
to come and give me a hand doing
the weighing and photos, and that all
passed in somewhat of a blur.
I got the rod back out and just
thought to myself that I’d landed
what I deem the best fish in Monks at
her highest-ever weight. It was a
moment I’ll simply never forget. The
session carried on in great form with
another ten bites. All fish came to a
Nash Scopex snowman topped with a
small yellow mounted blowback style
on a size 6 claw hook to 15lb silt combilink. n
50 Big Carp

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