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Exclusive Targets For The Year
Targets For
By Wes Leadbeater
o at the start of the year,
I set myself three targets
to go at, one being
catching my first UK 30,
the second one being
catching 20 different UK
20s and the third one being catching
five UK 30s. Yes, I can understand and
respect not everyone has the privilege
of being on a syndicate or having that
sort of money to pay for them, so we’ll
keep this short. There is a private lake
I fish around the corner from me
where I managed to tick one of my
targets off very quickly – my PB common at 37lb – and another long, lean
30lb common and a 20lb common.
After that, I went on to target day
ticket waters where everyone can fish
and have the same chance at catch-
52 Big Carp
ing some of the cracking fish the day
ticket waters have to offer.
My day ticket of choice was Todber
to focus on mainly, as all the main
specimen lakes like little Hayes, Big
Hayes, Paddock and Willow Bank are
nicely stocked with a good head of
20s and 30s and obviously a good few
mid doubles. I did fish a few other day
tickets as well near to me like Hordle,
Headlands Farm and River Farm
which all have some crackers in if you
can get past the little ones. To give
you a idea of what I have achieved by
fishing day ticket lakes, most being at
Todber Manor.
Hordle – two 20s up 22lb.
Headlands – one 20 to 25lb.
Private lake – one 20 to 20lb and
two 30s to 37lb.

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