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Dreams Really Do Come True Exclusive
t was finally October and time
for my annual trip to France
with my dad. All the excitement and anticipation had
been building up for weeks,
and it was finally time to go.
My dad picked me up around
4:30am on the Saturday, and we set
off, arriving at Lac De Premiere for
12pm French time. Upon arrival we
were greeted by fishery manager
Nick and his lovely wife Kel with a
beer and a friendly reception, and we
took our first look over the beautiful
picturesque lake. You can already
imagine how raring to go I was. After
a quick run through the rules and a
pick of Nick’s brains, we were off to
our swims.
We had swims 4 and, 6 booked but
due to water levels being low, swim 4
was closed, so the old swim 5 was
opened to us. Now every time we go
to France, Dad and I always flip a coin
to see who has first choice of the
swims, and to date, I have won every
toss bar one. Sure enough, this time
proved no exception. We both wanted
swim 5 due to a bed of reeds off to the
right with fish showing in front of it,
but seeing as I have always had my
choice, I let my dad go in there.
For the first night, it was getting
late. Not wanting to smash the swim
to bits with a marker float and not
knowing what bait was put in the
swim the week before, I decided to
put three solid bags out consisting of
DNA Baits SLK pellet, Crayfish Mini
Mix, S7 stick mix and pure krill meal,
with small PB wafters as hook baits. I
decided to wrap the rods up at three
different distances as, should I catch
one, I could use that as a starting
point. So one went at 22 wraps
straight out, one at 25 wraps slightly
left and the third at 27 wraps slightly
right – a distance Nick had mentioned. At roughly 5am the next
morning, the left hand rod at 25 wraps
signalled a drop back, and after a slow
dogged fight, I was kindly rewarded
with a lovely 48lb common, a new
French PB for me, which made up for
handing my dad the favoured swim
between us. Who says solid bags are
only for small fish, eh?
So it was now the start of our first
full day. I was off to a flyer, but unfortunately nothing for my dad. Landing
my fish well before first light, we were
both up nice and early, kettle on,
watching the water and discussing
our plans of attack for the week.
Before we knew it, 10am rolled round,
and breakfast was delivered on the
bank – a proper fresh French baguette
full of sausage, bacon and scrambled
egg. Only one word for it – banging!
Breakfast mopped up and coffee
drunk, we went about getting our
spots sorted for the week ahead. We
decided to bait an area together
between the swims at 27 wraps, and I
put my other rods on a spot together
at 25 wraps – where I had the first
fish. Both spots consisted of the same
mix of crumbed, halved and some
whole SLK boilies, sweetcorn and
pure krill meal. Rig wise I kept it simple using a blowback rig with a Kurv
Shank hook and a little kicker just to
flip that hook round and nail the bottom lip. End tackle and mainline was
Big Carp

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