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Monks Magic Exclusive
37lb 2oz mirror.
conversation with him, he put me
onto some of his favoured spots. The
location of the kelp and the weed
moves every year, meaning the spots
change slightly. Straight out in front
of the swim and slightly left was the
main kelp bed. I found a relatively
clean spot within a rod length of the
kelp, but not too tight, as the kelp is a
serious snag.
Wi t h m y b r a i d a n d l o c k e d - u p
setup, I estimated being about 12ft off
the weed would be far enough away
to prevent the fish from getting stuck
and close enough to allow the fish
easy access to my bait. I found a second spot slightly further down the
kelp, maybe a rod length, so that was
two rods sorted. The third would go
another two rod lengths to the right
on last season’s “going” spot that was
still rock hard!
I put out two marker floats, one
either side of the three spots conveniently all located at 18 wraps, and
put 30 kilos of pellet and my Proper
Carp Bait Red Seal boilies in a line.
This might seem like a lot of bait for a
two-night trip, but the aim was longterm benefit as opposed to short-term
results. Monks Pit has a lot of big fish
in a relatively small area, and they are,
in my experience, quite easy to catch
when you can get them used to visiting an area. I knew I had six weeks in
a row free, so my huge baiting campaign would eventually pay off as
long as I stayed consistent and committed to the plan.
Rig wise, I would be using solid
bags packed with as many liquids as
possible and a highly attractive popup. I am using some very special popups that have been made in collaboration with the best custom hook bait
suppliers about in my opinion. I was
doing this first to avoid some of the
weed on the bottom of the lake, and
secondly to make my hook bait as
attractive as possible amongst all the
bait on the spots.
The first trip went better than I
expected, and on the second night,
my right hand rod on the “old”
hotspot pulled up tight. After ten minutes or so, I slipped the net under a
33lb mirror, and as with all the Monks
Pit fish, it was beautiful and dark! The
following Tuesday, I would be back for
another two nights.
I arrived on Tuesday morning at
4am to an almost empty car park and
found my chosen swim free. As the
sun came up, I saw fish moving all
over the shallow end of the lake in
and out of the huge beds of weed. I
was very confident of a quick bite, but
I decided to stick with my plan and
get another 30 kilos of bait on the
spots. After a two-hour nap, I repositioned my markers and set off in the
boat with my army of buckets and
made another line of bait. The way
the bottom felt when I cast the markers out was a lot harder even than the
previous week, so I believe the fish
had been in the area eating. I was
feeling more and more confident! I
Big Carp 73

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