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Monks Magic Exclusive
knew at this time there would be definitely two 50s in the lake: Black Spot
and one other. I had already caught
Black Spot, so I was hoping that
whichever high 40 had reached the
50-mark would slip for me next. I had
waited until Black Spot had been
caught by another angler before
retuning to Monks. It was caught by
John Hills on a dog biscuit a month
previously. Well done, mate.
The first night went without action,
but on the second morning I had a
24lb mirror, and that night it was followed up with a beautiful 37lb 2oz
mirror. To say I was buzzing was an
understatement. I really felt close to a
few of the lake’s big ones again, and
to do it so quickly, I was buzzing ! The
37lb mirror was an eventful fight – it
weeded me up four times during the
fight, but luckily my Carp Online hook
and Taska end tackle held firm, and I
was able to have a picture with the
The following week was pretty
uneventful. I had a 26lb mirror, but the
other 50 made an appearance. Matt,
one of the other members, had it at
just over 50lb, and what a fish it was!
I could not have been far away from
it, as it was caught just the other side
of the weed bed I was fishing
towards. I was happy for Matt, and
it’s definitely a fish I want to catch in
the future. At this point I had a choice
to make, either to abandon the plan or
crack on and see what happened.
Considering I was due to leave the UK
for a massive fishing trip to Croatia in
September, I didn’t really have time to
start another adventure, so I made the
decision to stay dedicated for the
time being.
The following week, I arrived at the
lake and found it nearly empty again.
I got straight into my chosen swim
again and deposited another 30 kilos
of bait. This time, it felt like my leads
were hitting concrete on the bottom.
I quickly got my bags out on the spots
when disaster struck… I had a brutal
take on the middle rod and the hook
pulled out about 30 seconds into the
The following morning, I had a take
on the same rod again. Straight away
I knew it was a big fish. Luckily it had
picked up a big chunk of weed that
had covered its eyes, so it came in like
a wet plastic bag – a very, very big
one. As I dragged it over the net, it
was huge. I knew straight away it
could only be one fish. It was Black
Spot again, this time at 52.5lb!
I was slightly disappointed to catch
it again, and I would have much preferred that one of the other syndicate
members did, but when I had caught
it previously, it was the middle of
December and well into minus figures, so it was nice to get some
proper beautiful pictures of an amazing fish for a keepsake!
The following month, I would be on
my way to Croatia so decided to cut
my campaign short at the recapture
of Black Spot and focus on getting my
equipment ready and walking a few
different venues ahead of future campaigns. n
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